The LovedGirl Fund

$9,278raised of $25,000 goal

Beneficiary: Scout Beam Organizer: Friends of the Beam Family

This fundraiser is closed
12/25/13 Update:  

Thank you everyone for your generosity and support of Scout's family.  I am extending the deadline for this fundraiser because a new need has come up.  The Beam van, which has transported most of our kids at one time or another, has passed on the the beloved family automobile heaven. There is just no way for this family to be a 1-car family.  Let's see what we can do to meet this need!.....Posted by a friend of the family.  12/25/13

Lots of folks have been asking about fundraising efforts and events for Scout Beam and her family.  This site will enable you to make donations in Scout's name that will go directly to the Beams.  No fees are charged by this site.  There is a minimal processing fee for credit cards (2.9% + .30 per transaction).

If you are wanting to host a fundraising event, please let us know what you are doing and we will put the information on all of Scout's pages.  Please use information from the "LovedGirl" site when communicating Scout's story.  Everything on the "LovedGirl" care page has been read and approved by Amber and Daryle.  When your fundraiser is complete, you can deposit the funds directly to this site - please add a message to let us all know when and how the funds were raised.  

Daryle and Amber have spent their lives giving to others and we can all be assured that any funds raised that are not needed by their family will be shared with someone else in need.  

This site required that I enter an amount for our "goal"  - I arbitrarily picked $5,000.00 because that seemed like it might be a good estimate of their average monthly bills. (It's close to what my family spends each month.)  What I would rather have set as the goal is that Scout recovers quickly, Daryle and Amber go back to work, and they donate all of these funds to another family in crisis.  :)

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