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Beneficiary: Dixie Evans Organizer: The Dixie Evans Week Committee

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We want to thank the community for coming together to donate their time, love, energy and performances to Dixie Evans. As you know, we lost our beloved Dixie Evans on August 3rd, 2013. Because of all of you, Dixie Evans Week was a successful week in August 2013 honoring the memory and celebrating the life of one of our most cherished legends of burlesque. Over 50 live performances and almost 100 classes were conducted internationally during Dixie Evans Week. All the funds you all helped raise through online funding, live shows and classes have been used to cover the existing costs of outstanding medical bills and her memorial celebration, with the remainder going towards Dixie's final accommodations at the Westwood Cemetery.

We did it! We reached our funding goal and will now be able to provide Dixie Evans with an everlasting monument at Westwood Cemetery, as grand as her legacy in life and burlesque. Together, our community of performers, friends and fans raise $41,200 to honor and celebrate Dixie's life and passion for burlesque. Dixie Evans Week brought over 50 shows, events and classes literally all over the world, all in the name of Dixie Evans. And though we are putting Dixie to rest, we will continue to celebrate her legacy for eternity.

We thank you for your continued support, and we know that Dixie will be with us in spirit as we continue to celebrate her life.

With love,

The Dixie Evans Week Committee



Q: How can I help? 
A: Please make a donation to our funding site and encourage your friends, fans and social network to contribute as well. 

Q: What will these funds be used for? 
A:.  So far funds raised have been used to cover the existing costs of outstanding medical bills and a memorial. The remaining funds and the donations from this final push will purchase Dixie a forever home in Westwood Cemetery, near Marilyn Monroe.

Q: Where will the funds go? 
A: All funds raised go into a bank account overseen by Dixie's legal council, Marquis, Aurbach and Coffing to be used only for the purposes listed above.

Q: Can I send cards or flowers to her family? 
A: We ask that you donate directly here to this You Caring Page in lieu of flowers. 
Her family will receive any cards sent to:
Dixie Mary Evans 
P.O. Box 1437 
Las Vegas, NV 89125 

Q: I have in-kind donations or items of value to donate to the cause, what can I do? 
A: How about an Ebay Auction and donating the funds to our fund drive?

Q: I would like to throw an event in her honor, what do I do? 
A: Please email

Q: Who are the Dixie Evans Week Committee members
A: The Dixie Evans Week Committe is a diverse volunteer team of burlesque performers, producers, educators and writers, Angie Pontani, Baby Doe von Stroheim, David Bishop, Dr. Lucky, Jo Boobs Weldon, Kitten deVille, Michelle Baldwin & Shoshana Portnoy

Q: How can I help spread the word? 
A: Be sure to follow us and share our Facebook page, post to Twitter, send to your mailing lists, announce the drive at your shows, and do whatever you can to get the word out!

Q: Are contributions tax-deductable?
A: Donations made to Dixie Evans Week are not tax-deductible because you are not giving directly to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a government issued EIN Tax ID #

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