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My husband, Jay Killen, is an amazing man who has been fighting to recover from Botulism poisoning for over two years now. When I met Jay about five years ago he was a larger than life character. He loves people, loves to spin a good yarn, loves to trout fish , loves Rush, and loves to cook me fabulous meals! In December 2011 Jay became completely paralyzed and was diagnosed with Botulism poisoning.  And that is where our journey began. We have no idea what it was that Jay ate that was tainted with Botulism bacteria. When ingested, Botulism bacteria creates a toxin which attaches to nerve endings causing paralysis of all voluntary muscle function. The only way to recover is to regrow those nerve endings, a process which can take many months, and then to re-train all of those muscles to do what they did before. Everything from walking to breathing to focusing your eyes is affected.

After almost 14 grueling months in the hospital Jay went to the amazing Methodist Rehab Center in Jackson, MS for two months and is now home, eating solid food, the trach is out, and he can drive his power chair with his chin!

Jay will need years of intensive therapy. He needs expensive care and equipment to allow him to live at home and allow me to continue supporting our family.  Jay is a proud man and does not like to ask for help. However, we have learned over the past two years that God has a plan for us and we just have to trust in Him and allow Him to work in our lives through others who are willing to offer the help we need. So we are asking for help. Anything you can give will be much appreciated. We hope to raise enough money to provide Jay with all of the treatment he needs to be well and whole again. Given the proper care and time, Jay should make a full recovery. Please help us try to make that goal a reality. Without this care he is almost certain to spend the rest of a considerably shorter life in a wheelchair or in bed.

If you cannot help with our fundraiser we ask for your prayers, which lift us daily and help us greet each day with optimism and faith in the healing power of God.  Thank you all!  

With much love,

Jay and Amanda Killen

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