Teacher Hit By Drunk Driver

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Beneficiary: Eve Bradford Organizer: Family and Friends

On March 21st, 2014, a drunk driver hit us on our way home from the movies. My 4 year old little brother, Dyson, had serious neck injuries and swelling on the brain. My mom, Eve Bradford, who is a 6th grade school teacher at Oakleaf Junior High School, was really seriously injured, too. It took rescue over an hour to cut her out of the car. A Life Flight helicopter landed in the Big Lots parking lot, and then flew her to a trauma hospital. Her pelvis was snapped in half, splitting up the lower part of her backbone, plus she also has a brain injury.

The doctors say that it is going to be a very long process for her to recover. They are starting to talk about things like nerve damage. But my mom won't give up. She is one of the most determined people I know!

My mom has always been the most giving person I have ever known. She gives to the community, helping every student she can, as well as giving to her own family. She has participated in fundraisers for heart disease, breast cancer, ALS, and Alzheimer's. She has always been responsible and a hard worker, and it is hard for her to ask for others for help. But now, she has a struggle of her own, and I would like to show her that others can be as giving as she is!

Even though my mom has insurance that covers a lot of the medical bills, there are a lot of things that are still not paid for, and she isn't getting a paycheck. Plus, she will lose the insurance that she has in October. Mom still has to pay for things like $65.00 co-pays with her specialists and over $100 a month for medications out of whatever money she can scrape together. Since she can't drive, she has to pay a cab to take her to her doctors appointments when her sister can't do it.

Here are some things that she could use money for to regain some of her independence and keep her on the road to recovery:

$9 Pay one way cab trip to her doctors on Kingsley Avenue. 
$20 One way trip in a cab to doctors further away.
$45 Copay for her regular doctor.
$65 Copay for her specialists.
$125 The cost of a set of special long term crutches that would take pressure off her wrists and hands. Eventually, she may be able to use these to be out of the wheelchair more.
$150 The cost of a  month's worth of medication for mom and Dyson.
$300 Electric scooter carrier to attach to the car.
$700: The cost of an inexpensive mobility scooter. Mom can't drive and only God knows when she will again. But there are stores within walking distance of our house, and if she had a mobility scooter, she could get out without having to ask someone else to take her. I know it bothers her that she has lost so much of her independence. There are some really dependable and cool looking mobility scooters that she would feel less self conscious about driving around, but they cost $2000 and up. I would love to raise enough money to get her one of those!

Adding everything up over the coming school year, I figure we are probably looking at raising around $19000. Anything beyond that would help her on a longer term basis. She is probably looking at years of a recovery process. I know that sounds like a lot of money. But, she has given so much in her life, and now it is her turn to receive. 

If 950 people see this and give just $20, or if 500 people give $40, we will hit that goal. Every little bit helps. Even just $10.00 will pay one way of a cab trip to her doctor.

Please help spread the word. Please share this on your Facebook page, Reddit, your email address book, Twitter, Tumblr, prayer list at church, blog, or wherever else you can think of. The more people who know, the more likely she will get the help she needs. And thank you for taking the time to read our story! God bless!

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