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On Wednesday, December 18th the family received a call that Kayla was shot and left to die.  On day one, she went through 15 pints of blood & 7 pints of plasma.  In the ER they had to remove one her kidneys that had been badly damaged by the gun shot, her bleeding continued profusely for over 24 hours.  So thankful to family and friends for support with prayers and love.  Amazing progress has taken place every day.  Although this is very encouraging, Kayla will have a very tough road of recovery ahead of her.  With many surgeries still to come, rehab, the medical expenses, etc.  we created this page for anyone who is interested in financially helping to support with the situation.  Majority of Kayla's family is out -of-state and will need to stop working in order to be there for her during the recovery process.
To hear more about what Happened here is the local news report


by Jean Harney & Family
UPDATE: Yesterday January 31, we decided to go to St Marys due to her tube was again, not draining.  The trauma nurses absolutely love her and know her well.  They took her in front of all other people there and actually walked us to each area we needed to go to. First was radiology, Kayla & I along with 2 trauma nurses and nursing students we felt like rock stars. It was there where they started her IV, which drew attention of 3 more nurses and by the time we were finished was a small crowd.  We then went downstairs to get a CT scan where Kayla knew more people and proceeded to get a glimpse of her anatomy inside.  They were looking to see if her tube was occluded, misplaced or finished.  During this scan I had the opportunity to see for the first time Kayla's damage to her liver and kidney.  It truly is astounding and an actual act of God that she is here with us. Being the camera ninja I am, I managed to snap a shot of the computer image so I am able to share with all of you. If you zoom in, on the left top is her liver the black area in the middle is the  GSW (gun shot wound) and on the right you will see a white egg like shape, her kidney, around the same area on the left is where her other kidney should be, but due to the GSW it had to be removed.  I think the most astonishing sight is the fist sized hole in her liver and she is still with us... I was under the assumption they put the pieces of liver together ... Now to visually see this is truly a miracle!!! The results from the scan? Possible removal next Wednesday! Receiving answered prayers w Kayla Mcguire

by Jean Harney & Family

Appointment today, all went well...
We are still monitoring output of Jtube and monitoring temperature. It was not removed...
Maybe next week ...
After Trauma Clinic we stopped by Quantum House, met some of the tenants 1 from Germany 1 from Argentina and the managers. They also gave us a bag of mail
Thank you to all who sent !!! Kayla and I enjoyed reading each & every one of them!!
So very thoughtful !!!!!

by Jean Harney & Family
On January 13 2014 at 1:30pm Kayla was released from St Marys Hospital, 27 days after being shot and left for dead. Shot in the back thru her kidney diaphragm and liver. Found with a blood pressure of 30/40 on a sidewalk alone & dying.
St Marys trauma team had 2 gun shot wounds at the same time on December 18th, not very common
One was a male, and one was my daughter... Only ONE made it ...
There is a reason, a lesson, to be taught, shown, felt, a new walk
From the time when she was shot to when I received the call to now there has been a higher power watching over my daughter, me, my family
Just too many coincidences to BE one.
She still has some obstacles to conquer BUT...
She has no long term injuries
She can still feel
With her hands
With her feet
Can walk, stand, jump, skip
She has her independence

She is still ALIVE

I thank God every morning, afternoon and evening for all the family, friends, loved ones, and even complete strangers..praying, for answered prayer, the trauma surgeons & nurses, all the people who donated, open doors for places to stay, hugs even when I didn't think I needed one, tears when I thought I had no more, strength to keep moving and most of all ....confidence to know she was going to be BETTER than alive when this was all over

Thank you so much you have no idea what it means to us

We still have a couple more weeks here with follow ups the trauma team does not want her traveling and highly suggested she stay until tubes can be removed.

Praising God With Kayla Mcguire

by Jean Harney & Family
Facebook prayer warriors: Update on Kayla McGuire our granddaughter: she has a collapsed lung one side and a blood clot size of a fist on the other lung. They currently are having her use a walker to dissolve the clot. (Need prayer on this) Also her liver bile seems to be pouring out of her body thru tubes. We need prayer that the bile will go in her body and recirculate on its own. (need prayer on this) We would like to see if people can send her a card of encouragement. she has a long battle ahead of her and is in a different state. Our daughter Jean is with her every step of the way, she is staying at the Quantum House please send encouraging cards to the following Address: The Quantum House c/o Jean Harney 901 45th Street , West Palm Beach, Fla 33407 If you have any little kids that like to color and put a Bible verse on a piece of paper...that would be most welcomed.

by Jean Harney & Family
UPDATE: Kayla is still slowly but surly coming along Her collapsed lung is getting better They have found a blood clot the size of a fist in her lung and are contemplating surgery to remove it but need to wait until her body recovers from the trauma from the gun shot Her appetite is that of an ant and I am bringing home cooked meals from the Quantum House instead of eating hospital food :{ She uses her incentive spirometer as much as I encourage her.. It's very painful but is needed for her healing Tonight we are having movie night and cuddling which is the picture I posted Please continue your prayers thoughts and uplifts ... The Drs are thinking 3-4 more weeks... Thinking positive and climbing mountains

by Jean Harney & Family
1/2/14 UPDATE: Kayla McGuire is now in step down ICU She is fully alert and aware of her surroundings. She gets tired easily and we take baby steps as we talk. I have read all her updates, comments, prayers, thoughts, uplifts and encouragement to her, we laughed we cried and laughed again, she was overwhelmed from all the people, some she knew others she did not... But overwhelmed by the outreach. We are now making our goals and plans for after she is released, which is still unknown. She is having problems breathing as it is very painful, but is encouraged to take deeper breaths to prevent pneumonia Her chest tubes are still in place and draining Her insides are still healing along with her incision site. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and thank you so very much for all your support Kayla wanted me to write from her "thank you all for all your support, I had no idea that many people cared about me, thank you" Happy to be with my baby Feeling loved xo

by Jean Harney & Family
12/29/13 UPDATE: Spoke with the Drs regarding her CT scan... She is still hemorrhaging from her liver, it is a slow bleed and have not decided what they are going to do as of yet She has been placed under a heavier sedation and due to her cunning ways to pull her hands out of her protective mittens is now restrained She has not opened her eyes today and although she is resting peacefully I miss seeing her beautiful hazel eyes. There are different nurses everyday some let me stay during hours that are off limits others don't ... I've been blessed to have more than less let me stay, but today I have been having to sit mostly in the waiting room until my time comes I've also been informed that I will be here for some time and I have come to the realization that I will probably have vacate my house and place the contents of my house to a storage facility A lot is hitting me today and although my daughter is alive and wouldn't trade it for anything ... I feel like the world around me is crumbling away UPDATE: Kayla is slowly emerging from her coma.. About every 15-30 minutes she awakens confused and unable to talk due to her vent. She tries to pull it out so she is now restrained for her safety. Her awake time ranges from 5-10 minutes. Her left lung tube is now draining by gravity but her right still has an active pump Her vent is still in place and the Drs are aiming for at least one more week if she tolerates the decreased breaths the ventilator is providing for her ... Her own breaths range from 200-600 (600 being "good") He is still fighting the infection in her bloodstream and continuing on antibiotics. I am very proud of her will and fight, I know she is tired and as a mother my job is to give her all my strength,encouragement and press her to keep going when she starts to lose hope Thank you for your continued support encouragement prayers and uplifting

by Jean Harney & Family
UPDATE: Kayla McGuire is still opening her eyes, trying to push her ventilator out, restless at times Still has a fever 101 and on a cooling blanket (which she dislikes immensely ) Fighting infection in blood stream Still on vent and will continue for another week Dr is contemplating a tracheotomy for short term (I'm praying against that) She has new orders for 2 more units of blood due to her hemoglobin is low at 7 (should be 11) Dr says she has a long road ahead of her but he is confident she will make it (answer to prayer!!) She is fighting!!!! Thank you for your continued prays thoughts and uplifting

by Jean Harney & Family
12/27/13 at 7:11pm UPDATE: Probably one of the hardest nights besides the initial first few days... They have changed her medication to have her wean off her coma... It is working The hard part is, she tries to talk Most things I can understand (due to my outstanding skills in lip reading) and she says "don't leave me" "I love you" she's even smiled Of course I ask the obvious questions "are you in pain? " "are you comfortable?" All answered with nods and not to just appease me as I asked "do you want me to sing to you?" She nodded NO at least she still has her spunk!! Tonight was extra hard as she was crying and begging me not to leave but unfortunately during shift change I have to leave .. I told her to watch the clock and I would be back at 8pm I have 49 minutes..... Hurry up 8!!!!

by Jean Harney & Family
Kayla is still opening her eyes, trying to push her ventilator out, restless at times Still has a fever 101 and on a cooling blanket (which she dislikes immensely ) Fighting infection in blood stream Still on vent and will continue for another week Dr is contemplating a tracheotomy for short term (I'm praying against that) She has new orders for 2 more units of blood due to her hemoglobin is low at 7 (should be 11) Dr says she has a long road ahead of her but he is confident she will make it (answer to prayer!!) She is fighting!!!! Thank you for your continued prays thoughts and uplifting

by Jean Harney & Family
Jean Strong
Kayla is still struggling but is a fighter as everyone knows
She had a rough night last night and they increased her coma level to a one more comparable to when she first arrived for pain control
Her lungs are still draining and will probably continue until she is off ventilator 
The Drs are contemplating dialysis due to her edema but they are waiting for lab results
She still flutters her eyes when I sing talk and tell her stories of when she was a little girl and our times together (she may be rolling her eyes!) 
I am staying positive and know all the prayers thoughts and love will make her pull out of this
Please keep her in your prayers as you celebrate Christmas with your families
Thank you again for all your love
 — with Kayla Mcguire

by Jean Harney & Family
12/22/13 12:09pm

Both of Kayla's lungs have filled with fluids causing the drs. to put in chest tubes.  As of now, 1 liter of fluid on each lung has been drained.  We are continuing to request prayers.     This this so emotionally tolling to see her climb to improvements, then a set back, but is expected with this type of trauma.  Kayla is definitely not out of the woods and will continue to be in ICU recovering for quite some time.

One of our family friends told us about this, check out this link, the POWER OF PRAYER! IT looks like angles are showing up in the skies aroung the area of Kayla's hostpial

by Jean Harney & Family
12/21/13 at noon
Kayla is slowly coming out of her coma
She is grimacing when she is moved
Heart rate goes up when we speak to her
Eyes move when I wash her face
Please continue your prayers and thanks all of you for all you've done for my baby
I will never ever forget how everyone has come together
I love all of you
Thank you thank you thank you

by Jean Harney & Family
Kayla,as you know is on a ventilator but she is now breathing 10 breaths a minute on her own ... Thy are shallow breaths but SHE is fighting the machine is breathing the other 10 for her
She knows I'm here
I've opened her eyelids and she has softly tried to pull them down
My lil fighter is coming around
Please keep your prayers coming!!!!!
Your helping her get thru this!!!
Love you all for everything
Will keep u posted



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