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Support Famous Jamous

$3,787raised of $7,000 goal

Organizer: Those who love James Beneficiary: James Andrew Armstrong

On September 20th, a gunman shot 3 unarmed men in Bozeman, Montana. James Armstrong was one of these men and is currently being treated at Billings Clinic, but his life will be forever changed.

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On the morning of Friday, September 20th, 2013, a gunman shot three unarmed men in Bozeman, MT. Larry "LJ" Clayton passed away on September 21st due to his wounds. James Armstrong was also shot and is recovering at a Billings hospital. He is undergoing several surgeries and his life will never be the same. This page is to support James, a man who has inspired us all with his courage and strength. 100% of the money raised will go directly to James to help pay for medical bills and other unforeseen costs associated with his new lifestyle.
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by Those who love James
James just got out of his 6th surgery. Today the doctors did a skin graph to try to close some of the wounds. He hopefully will be able to leave the hospital in the next few days but the exact day is uncertain. Thank you everyone who has shown support for this amazing man! The love and support is overwhelming and he is so thankful for each and every one of you!
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