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Beneficiary: Andy Brown & Saundra Smith Organizer: Debbie Barrett & Teresa Harris

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Andy Brown, has been struggling with kidney issues all his life. When Andy’s mother was 8 months pregnant with him, the doctors said he had problems with his heart, kidneys, and bladder.  It was also mentioned that he may have down syndrome.  The doctors gave Andy a 30% chance of being born alive.  The doctors also wanted his mother to terminate the pregnancy.  When Andy was born, his left kidney never worked and his right kidney only functioned at 80%.  When Andy was 18 months old, the doctors performed a procedure to put a stent in.  Andy ended up getting an infection that less than 1% of people get from the stent.  The infection took his right kidney down to 30% function.  Andy also had to wear a heart monitor his first year of his life.  He would stop breathing multiple times without the monitor.  Andy ended up on the kidney transplant list, and after almost 2 years of being on the list, he got his first transplant on March 31st 1992 from a deceased adult donor.  Andy lived a decent but limited life.  For 13 years the kidney function amazingly.  When he was 16, he found out that his transplanted kidney was going out due to the kidney aging. In May of 2006 after only being on the transplant list for 3 short months, he got his 2nd transplant two weeks before his high school graduation.  Unfortunately for Andy, this kidney did not work that well.  He was in and out of the hospital his first year.  The 2nd transplant never function as well as the 1st transplant.  Andy ended up having to go on dialysis in September of 2010.  For 12 hours every night he would have to be hooked up to a Pd dialysis machine.  Andy has went through so many trials in his life.  He is a miracle baby and has a great testimony to share.  With the wonderful generous gift from Saundra, Andy can get his life back.  He will be able to finish his Bachelors program and start his career like other people his age.  You know what they say 3rd time is a charm! 

In October he is scheduled to have another kidney transplant at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.  He is also scheduled to go through a blood cleansing process called desensitization at UVA for two to three weeks before the transplant, and will be staying in a hotel throughout this process.  Saundra is generously and lovingly donating a kidney to Andy, and will be out of work approximately six weeks without pay.

Anything you could contribute would greatly be appreciated, and we thank you in advance for your time and support of our event.  If you have questions, you may contact Debbie Barrett at 276-780-0669 (cell) or Teresa Harris at 276-706-6508 (cell).


May God bless,

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