She Doesn't Deserve This

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My oldest daughters name is India Frances Brainard. She and her siblings are my life. 

India, born without issue, but was injured only weeks after entering this world at a 
hospital; physicians error

Now at the age of 15, my "baby girl" is profoundly disabled and primarily non-verbal. 

For those of us who interact with India daily, are blessed with beautiful conversations in which her gratitude is so amazing when the messages is understood. Tearful laughter and relief is often the norm by both India and those of us patiently listening.  

But it's only those who clean her body without hesitation. Race India to the hospital during seizures as her breathing ceases and lips turn blue while she looks up with incomprehensible panic - who feel the desperation. It's us who defend her within the public system and horribly damaged family that have selfish motives other than her well-being or mine; resulting in terrible results. And regardless of physical exhaustion or financial ruin, we aid India day in and day out so that she may enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Today, India is in pain and needs help. It's a gut-wrenching situation.

India does all she can to try to mitigate the hurt.  She's had me change her pants thinking it's that which is causing the "bone to bone" agony.  As India tries to find relief, she's also has me move her from wheelchair to wheelchair in the belief that it's these devices causing the torment. And when none of the these work, she holds onto me with her one good hand trembling, asking "Daddy - help, please help, owe".

This morning,  
3:00 am - Sunday December 8th, 2013.  I'm up as a result of the 5th time India has called out to me in pain in the hopes I can help her.

India has Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder, Cortical Visual impairment and too many more diagnosis to waste anybodies time on now.  But I'll look all in the eye as she's in my presence and tell you that she is 
the most beautiful person and spirit to ever grace this planet that doesn't deserve what she’s enduring.

India is in dire need of help and thus the reason I'm reaching out to you.

India has dual dislocated hips, a dislocated elbow and a life threatening curvature of the spine. The cause is in part from her Cerebral Palsy and ten-fold that as a result of something that I'm still coming to terms with but not worth addressing at this point.

My child is experiencing life I'd not wish on anybody.
Until this day, I've tried to control the pain through Phenol procedures; nerve alcohol blocks.  All of which took place on the East Coast. Unfortunately, this is temporary but we needed to give my child time free of her debilitating hurt so that she could gain the strength and survive this inevitable surgery.

Equally important, I wanted my child to be a “kid” and experience going to school and making friends for as long as possible. A beautiful result is her "boyfriend" which was unexpected and brought me to my knees.
I sit here this morning reaching out to the world for help. As I once was wealthy and poured a fortune into my childs care as well as so many others.  I’m now in a dire financial position and am humbly asking for help to ensure India receives the medical care she needs. 
We have the private and state insurance in place for the next 60 days. But we are in desperate need of co-pay and day to day living assistance leading up to the intensive surgeries and during the recovery period.
The surgery can take place at Harvard Boston Children's Hospital in the next 60 days if I can find the means for the additional costs.
I'm humbled beyond words reaching out in this way but India doesn't deserve this and there is a way to take away her day to day agony. So I'm "Daddy" asking for help.
I appreciate anything you can do from financial support to emotion support.
Here is a link to what I've written so far about India's life and what happened:
Thank you in advance for your time; it's appreciated beyond words.

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