Seizure Dog For Devon

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Beneficiary: Devon Staubus Organizer: Lynn Colley

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Devon is a 12 year old with nocturnal tonic clonic seizures,auditory processing disorder, severe learning disabilities, severe dyslexia, and diabetes. He is currently on two high dose medications and still having break through seizures. He is afraid to sleep at night and I don't sleep much due to being up checking on him hourly. Devon has gotten his dog, Rain...we are still in the process of doing fund raising to help pay for he training....her training is $50 per hour and they are training each week for about 3 hours at a time....not to mention that i drive 268 miles for each training session...please help us raise funds to continue to train her to recognize his seizures.... *PLEASE NOTE* All contributions go straight into an established account through Wells Fargo..contributions can be mailed or hand delivered to the following address: Wells Fargo Attn: Brad House c/o Devon Staubus 1700 Euclid Ave Bristol, VA 24201 (276)645-7740 IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A LARGE DONATION TO BE TAX DEDUCTABLE, GOOD SAMARITAN MINISTRIES, INC. HAS SET UP A FUND AND ALL DONATIONS WILL BE TAX DEDUCTABLE GOOD SAMARITAN MINISTRIES, INC ATTN: SARA WELLS C/O DEVON STAUBUS P.O. BOX 2441 JOHNSON CITY, TN 37605 WEBSITE: WWW.GOODSAM@GOODSAMJC.ORG PHONE: 423-928-0288 ****YOU CAN ALSO GO TO THEIR WEBSITE AND CLICK ON THEIR PAYPAL...YOU SHOULD SEE A TAB THAT SAYS "DEVON" CLICK ON THAT TAB AND MAKE YOUR DONTATION****
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