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So it's been a long day. Auggie's surgeon did the Myelogram before surgery just to be sure it was not the bad kind of tumor that can't be operated on. It helps him to see things up close and much clearer. Turns out he found not only the one large cyst but TWO large cysts; that is rare to see. He decided to hold off on surgery because he was also very concerned that his spinal cord was quite narrow and wanted to consult with another expert to rule out another condition...being born with a narrow spinal cord in which there is nothing that can be done. That condition is very, very rare though and after speaking with the other expert, they do not believe this is the case.

The doctor is testing the fluid to be sure there is no infection because of inflammation. He will not really know for sure exactly what he is dealing with until he is in there. The surgery is now this Thursday and will be a much more involved. The cysts span over several vertabrae in the spinal cord. They will need to cut the top of the vertabrae off and go through the dura and then drain the fluid from both cysts and restitch it in a way that they won't come back. It will take closer to 4 or more hours instead of 1 1/2 or so:(

So, needless to say...we would love lots more prayers for our sweet Auggie. Thanks so much to everyone for loving and following him...we really appreciate everything and this page means a lot to us. It's so nice to have everyone's helps me immensely!!!!! Cuz mom tends to stress out a bit:) For those that haven't gone to his facebook page, please check it out and "like" it and share if you would! Just type in Run Auggie Run in the FB search bar.

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