Rock the $$$ for Slick Rick!

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Beneficiary: Ricky Buchanan Organizer: Christa Fly

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It's time for all of us to pull together and extend the same support that Nita Makris and her family/staff of the Stage Stop, in Rockin' Raleigh, have offered to the community countless times over many, many years. We all know Ricky, aka "Slick Rick", as he's always been a part of the Stage Stop experience. Whether you've seen him spinning tunes, introducing the next band or just acting silly to instigate a good time, you know he's a great guy.

What you may or may not know is that he is recovering at The Med from gunshot wounds sustained while intervening a robbery that took place in the Stage Stop parking lot. Details will not be disclosed at this time as all of the events that took place are currently under investigation.

What we do know is that Ricky's recovery will be extensive and just with anyone who's lost the ability to work, bills will start to accumulate at a rapid pace. Ricky does NOT have any insurance that covers "out of work" expenses. This is where WE come in...all of us who've spent quality time at the Stage Stop over the years rockin' out to the soundtrack of our lives.

Nita and Ricky have hosted many fundraising events for numerous people of our community...chances are good you've attended a few yourself. With every charity event, from each annual MDA Jam or for just one individual in need, Ricky gets on the mic and encourages everyone to reach down in their pockets to pull whatever money they can as it always goes towards the greater good.

How about we pull together and do the same for him? Some can donate more, others maybe less but the one thing to remember is this: NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL! Every single bit helps!

Feel free to include a message with your donation. Ricky will see all of your words of encouragement which will only help him feel that much better!

Please donate as much as you can and keep Slick Rick in your prayers.

Thanks :)


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