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My name is Rose Kopf—Thank you for visiting my Fundraising Page.

I am a very active and community-loving individual. My problem, if anything, is I like to be “too” busy. I spend a lot of my free time working in the ceramics studio at our local Arts Center. I ride my bike on the river levee or rise at the crack of dawn to join in our free community "Red Dog" workouts. I love to volunteer for local art events and fundraisers--I've been part of multiple fashion show fundraisers for various big causes. My family lives here, and I spend a lot of time visiting with my 80+ year old mother. I very much enjoy being part of and contributing to my local Lawrence, KS community.

In the last several months, I have been unable to do much of this--- I lost my full-time job, consequently losing my health insurance and benefits. I immediately started looking for other work, which took longer than I ever anticipated. I also began to pursue an online degree as a Medical Assistant. Slap bang in the midst of all this I suffered a pretty serious and excruciatingly painful tear in the meniscus of my right knee. I've had knee problems for years, with two previous surgeries, and this latest injury culminated after the stress of several years of prolonged standing at work--on marble floors as an art museum security guard. This is the first time, however, I have not been in a position to address my knee issues, and I am facing a very critical situation.

My typical day at the moment begins with boiling pans of water to fill the tub and soaking for an hour before I can hobble to my 30-35 hour job at the Community Building. I alternate between crutches, a walking stick, and ongoing rounds of ice and heating pads to keep my pain at bay. There are many nights where I cannot sleep and few where I sleep long. I can't take prescription medications as they affect my ability to concentrate at work. I wear two knee braces, one on each leg. I can barely walk without them. My "good" limb is deteriorating while I compensate with it to protect myself from the pain in my "bad" leg. I am unable to stand long enough to visit the Arts Center or socialize much. I feel like my life as I know it is falling apart and I am on the brink of a very critical situation.

I enjoy my job, and even without benefits it is a god-send, essential for my survival and independence at this point. As an office clerk for our public Parks & Recreation center, I stand and sit at a desk all day long. I meet a lot of poor people at this public center and I listen to a lot of sad stories. I help whoever I can--however I can. I am not alone in my situation. However, I am determined to resume the full use of my knee and to continue my life as a physically active and productive, creative member of my community.

I have sought and availed of every local service I can find to try to help myself: the free walk-in clinic, charity at the local hospital, multiple yoga and other physical therapy classes offered up by friends trying to help me self-rehabilitate. These services enabled me to get through the last 12 months, hold down my job and to finally schedule an MRI last week. The MRI revealed the severity of my tear and confirmed that I urgently need surgery to avoid any further deterioration. I have gone so far as to tentatively schedule knee surgery for January 2, 2014, to coincide with Obamacare. I hope Obamacare will assist in part with the costs of my procedures. However, it may be too little and too late…

 So here I am. My friends and I plan to raise $6,000 to finalize my surgery appointment and afford myself the time for pre- and post-operative therapy.  We are asking for $3,000 to assist with my out-of-pocket medical expenses and pain management plan by February 28, 2014; and another $3,000 by May 31, 2014 to cover my pre- and post operative services. 

I and my "Raising for Rose" team here will provide regular updates on how my surgery, rehabilitation and healing process is progressing. 

Anything you can afford to give to my fund would mean the world to me. We also take donations in kind, and works of art that you want to contribute to the the Art Sale.




SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2013---4:30PM-7PM @ The Carnegie, 9th/Vermont, Lawrence, Kansas 66044.
Art & Local Craft Fundraiser @ The Carnegie. DJs, and local musicians. Ceramics by Monika Laskowska, Kim Brook,  Grace Peterson, Larry Brow, Dilesh Fernando (3 Large Pieces), Jo Cink; Visual Art by Rena Detrixhe; Glass by Chuck Watson.

If you are interested in participating, please let us know. More information to follow. WATCH THIS SPACE. 


by Friends of Rose
I recently finally made it through surgery and it sure feels good to know that I fixed a major injury and that I'm now faced with the road to redovery.  I still have the crutches to help guide me and my re-check after surgery is this Thursday January 30, 2014.  I will get stitches out later in this week and begin learning to walk again and walk norma.  So excited to be making such great progress, thanks to so many people I can't even begin to name them all!

by Friends of Rose
Count Down Till Surgery, very, very close and ready!

by Friends of Rose
The New Year has arrived and now I can focus on getting ready for surgery.  Only a little over two 
weeks left till my surgery.  Right now I'm focusing on staying well, not getting the flu or a cold,
and keeping rested.  I also have been working as many hours as I can this week, because I will 
about two weeks of pay for the surgery, which is a lot for me and especially since my income is
tight right now.  Spend some time with friends for New Year's Eve, easy, relaxing, safe, layed back,
and very much fun.  I'm really ready for my health to start getting better.  There are good days and 
very bad days with my leg injury and the cold weather seems to make it hard, but I don't give up
holding on, because I'm so close to the finish!

by Friends of Rose
Christmas is over and it was nice to spend a day off work due to the holiday, because I get no vacation days at my job.  I ate a lot and hung out with family, just relaxing.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas with friends and family.  I'm ready for a new year and a healthier year.  

I went and put a down payment to the doctor today for my surgery which is coming up in a few weeks.  It sure seems to be a long wait for my surgery, but just knowing that now I'm able to get the surgery makes it all worth the wait.  Getting closer.

by Friends of Rose
With the snow on the ground and the trees covered, it is so beautiful outside for Christmas.

I'm staying inside and working on thank you cards for all the people who helped make my New Year full of good fortune and hope for a hearlthier year!

Wishing everyone a warm, safe Christmas!  The New Year is going to be spectacular, with lots of joy, and happy people working together -to make life worth living, can't wait!

by Friends of Rose
Today I put all the money I got from the art sale in a new savings account just for the surgery expenses, and now that money raised will sit there until the surgery in January.  My hip was shooting a very sharp pain today and hurting more than the knee, it goes back and forth because my alignment is so off.  Occasionally I have to go get adjusted, especially when it starts getting so unbarable to get through a day.  I know I have more weeks to wait, so I will do all I can to manage pain better so I can keep going, just with strong limitations. 

It would feel more like Christmas if it snowed, but today was a very beautiful day outside for this time of December in Kansas.  I wondered how I will do if we get ice, that will not be fun and I'm a little worried about that.  I guess we will see how the Christmas weather goes.  

My Christmas is present I have already received and that is my "Raising for Rose" Art Sale the success from it and the ability to get fixed with surgery is my present this year and a damn good one!!  Love everyone in Lawrence, KS. and surrounding areas!!

by Friends of Rose
After at least 40 artist donations, plus others, I'm now able to get surgery in January, the date was January 2, 2014 at Ortho Kansas, but now they have moved it to January 21st, unless there is a cancellation.  I have the will power to keep waiting and dealing with the pain now, because I know I will be able to have money for surgery.  You don't know how much it means to me, to know that in the near future I will be able to get back to normal.  I was very busy visiting with guests at the fundraiser and forgot to take any photos, but someone took a couple on their phone and I wanted to share them.  My mother came to my fundraiser and that made me happy and I was so glad to see her having such a good time.  One of the highlights of the night was watching her dance to the music and visit with so many of my friends and other people.  It really was a perfect night!

by Friends of Rose
I want to send a super shout out, thank you to all the people who came to my fundraiser.  I felt the love from all the artist that donated work and all the people who volunteered to work and host it, My friends were amazing at helping organize the fundraiser, "Raising for Rose".  It took all the people involved to really kick it off, the artist, vistors attending, the ladies who gave up their time and the gentlemen that gave up their time.  THe musicians were  perfect for setting the mood for the fundraiser and their beautiful music was a treat to the ears.  
Everyone has no idea how much your contribution means to me, I feel like a new light is turned on inside me.  The fundraiser was a fantsstic success, and the beautiful mouth watering snack and treats that Queen of Tarts prepared keep everyone happy.  There were some businesses that were very generous to donate for the fundraiser also, this just shows how great a community can be.  I love the way a community comes together in a time of need, I'm very lucky to be surrounded by people so generous.  
I already feel like I'm healing from all the precious people that donated to the "Raising for Rose" Art Sale, one of the best days of my life!

by Friends of Rose
The planning of the event is going wonderfully, hope you all can make it out tomorrow.  There have been so many great contributions to the "Raising for Rose" fundraiser, it is just amazing.  

by Friends of Rose
The planning for the event is going wonderfully, hope to see you there.  I have gotten amazing response from artist in the communiity, who have donated their work for the fundraiser.  Don't underestimate the power of community, 

by Friends of Rose
Dear Friends of Rose, thanks again for all your contributions, donations and willingness to spread the word about Saturday's Art & Artisan Sale at the Carnegie Hall Building, 9th/Vermont, Lawrence--KS. For those of you who need directions - the Carnegie is just across the street to the North/West of Wheatfields Bakery, that big, old stone building, formerly the Lawrence Public Library.

The event takes place this Saturday, December 14th, from 4:30PM-7PM. Wine ($3 per glass) will be served, along with hot mulled apple cider and freshly baked treats, cheese and fruit (complimentary). Please see the flyer attached for a list of all the artists who are contributing - from  Stephen Johnson, to Laura Ramberg, to Kim Brook and Monika Laskowska and Dave Lowenstein.... PLEASE POP BY AND BRING A FRIEND!!!

Many of you have inquired about how Rose will spend the funds she receives so here's a recap: Rose has already accumulated debt from pain management, one trip to the ER last week, and various injections and medical interventions that she was able to get via Health Care Access at a reduced cost. The monies we receive will go towards these pre-operative costs, plus even with Obamacare, Rose will have to pay a deductible of $2,000 for the actual surgery. She does not have this money, and with the likelihood of not being able to work (and with no benefits to speak of in her current job) - a large portion of what we raise will assist with this. The post-operative costs will include rehabilitation in the form of massage, physical therapy and just paying for things like gas to get to appointments and covering her bills for medication and recovery - which we anticipate will come to $1,000. 

Please continue to share this link with any friends or family members who might be in a position to assist Rose. 

by Friends of Rose
This week is starting out good, this makes me happy.  Last week I had to have a friend take me to the emergency room, because I was in so much pain and sick.  After getting through a horrible last week, this week will be much better I can already tell.  Today I finally got my application submitted for Obama-care, now one more step to make and that is get signed up for healthcare.  It took me only five days of constant phone calls and the system down all weekend so they could not me, just to get to this stage.  I have called and asked so many questions, because I want to make sure I get the plan that works for me.  My big goal for this week is to have a plan picked out and I'm almost there.  The hardest thing coming will be actually accomplishing my goal of getting signed up.

This weekend is going to be a blast, thanks to all my wonderful friends and supporters, love all of you so much!

by Friends of Rose
Lovin' how all the local people who do art in Lawrence, KS. and all the people who live in Lawrence all support each other, this is beautiful!  Lawrence is blessed with such talented people who are so creative!  Event news coming this weekend! (ART SALE)

by Friends of Rose
Working on some updates to post very soon about the art sale event with some pictures so stay tuned!  I have some ideas that I would like to share with people also, this day was productive for my mind, but not my body at least!

by Friends of Rose
Checking into Affordable Care Act, and Medicaid.  Hope to get it all figured out soon!

by Friends of Rose
Sure hope everyone had a super great Thanksgiving.  I definitely won't be doing Black Friday, but good luck to all that do.  I went to a movie with my son, which I rarely do, and I was fighting my leg the entire way through it.  I saw Hunger Games Two, the second one, it was very long, but good!  It felt good just to get out of the house, just not comfortable in the seats turning side to side and massaging myself during the movie.  I don't think I will try it again until I'm better, it was very difficult.  Glad I got to spend some time with my son Chase and see my mother, who is injured also.

by Friends of Rose
I'm thankful for crutches this thanksgiving, I will have to resort to even though they are a pain.

Thanks You supporters for all your support, have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

by Friends of Rose
A wonderful thing happened today.  I went to work early and Red Dog Days was using our building for the early morning workout.  I was talking to Red Dog and his wife about how I got hurt soon after the summer session started, had to drop out and could never run, walk, or finish the session.  They told me that I should of told them I had to drop out for being hurt.  I was already embarrassed and hurt from not being able to excercise that I did not want to tell them at the time about my injury.  As the conversation went on, Red Dog's wife told me I should have a shirt anyway, for competing, because it wasn't my fault I got hurt and could not finsih. Next thing I know, they are offering me a Red Dog T-Shirt and told me to keep it, that it was mine.  This was so kind, it brought tears to my eyes and I was beside myself, what a nice gesture on their part.  The world is full of really kind, caring people after all, they are out there. Hats off to Red Dog, his wife, and all the red dog community folks, such an awesome group!

by Friends of Rose
Hot water bottle and cane are my best friends tonight, sharp piniched pain in hip joint when standing and walking, feeling the pain.

Knees and right hip/groin area a huge problem, why me?

by Friends of Rose
A Big thanks to all of you lovely people who have given and donated to my fundraiser, it makes me smile real big and realize how lucky I am to know each and everyone of you!  Thanks A Million for your support!

by Friends of Rose
I want to send a special thanks to all the wonderful people I know out there, and you all know who you are.

I'm very blessed to know such wonderful people, people who care about others and care about giving.  

During this difficult time, I try to think of all the great people I know and love to be surrounded by, this is what makes me much happier!

by Friends of Rose
Just started leg work in the Ortho Kansas Pool.  



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