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My name is Rose Kopf—Thank you for visiting my Fundraising Page.

I am a very active and community-loving individual. My problem, if anything, is I like to be “too” busy. I spend a lot of my free time working in the ceramics studio at our local Arts Center. I ride my bike on the river levee or rise at the crack of dawn to join in our free community "Red Dog" workouts. I love to volunteer for local art events and fundraisers--I've been part of multiple fashion show fundraisers for various big causes. My family lives here, and I spend a lot of time visiting with my 80+ year old mother. I very much enjoy being part of and contributing to my local Lawrence, KS community.

In the last several months, I have been unable to do much of this--- I lost my full-time job, consequently losing my health insurance and benefits. I immediately started looking for other work, which took longer than I ever anticipated. I also began to pursue an online degree as a Medical Assistant. Slap bang in the midst of all this I suffered a pretty serious and excruciatingly painful tear in the meniscus of my right knee. I've had knee problems for years, with two previous surgeries, and this latest injury culminated after the stress of several years of prolonged standing at work--on marble floors as an art museum security guard. This is the first time, however, I have not been in a position to address my knee issues, and I am facing a very critical situation.

My typical day at the moment begins with boiling pans of water to fill the tub and soaking for an hour before I can hobble to my 30-35 hour job at the Community Building. I alternate between crutches, a walking stick, and ongoing rounds of ice and heating pads to keep my pain at bay. There are many nights where I cannot sleep and few where I sleep long. I can't take prescription medications as they affect my ability to concentrate at work. I wear two knee braces, one on each leg. I can barely walk without them. My "good" limb is deteriorating while I compensate with it to protect myself from the pain in my "bad" leg. I am unable to stand long enough to visit the Arts Center or socialize much. I feel like my life as I know it is falling apart and I am on the brink of a very critical situation.

I enjoy my job, and even without benefits it is a god-send, essential for my survival and independence at this point. As an office clerk for our public Parks & Recreation center, I stand and sit at a desk all day long. I meet a lot of poor people at this public center and I listen to a lot of sad stories. I help whoever I can--however I can. I am not alone in my situation. However, I am determined to resume the full use of my knee and to continue my life as a physically active and productive, creative member of my community.

I have sought and availed of every local service I can find to try to help myself: the free walk-in clinic, charity at the local hospital, multiple yoga and other physical therapy classes offered up by friends trying to help me self-rehabilitate. These services enabled me to get through the last 12 months, hold down my job and to finally schedule an MRI last week. The MRI revealed the severity of my tear and confirmed that I urgently need surgery to avoid any further deterioration. I have gone so far as to tentatively schedule knee surgery for January 2, 2014, to coincide with Obamacare. I hope Obamacare will assist in part with the costs of my procedures. However, it may be too little and too late…

 So here I am. My friends and I plan to raise $6,000 to finalize my surgery appointment and afford myself the time for pre- and post-operative therapy.  We are asking for $3,000 to assist with my out-of-pocket medical expenses and pain management plan by February 28, 2014; and another $3,000 by May 31, 2014 to cover my pre- and post operative services. 

I and my "Raising for Rose" team here will provide regular updates on how my surgery, rehabilitation and healing process is progressing. 

Anything you can afford to give to my fund would mean the world to me. We also take donations in kind, and works of art that you want to contribute to the the Art Sale.




SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2013---4:30PM-7PM @ The Carnegie, 9th/Vermont, Lawrence, Kansas 66044.
Art & Local Craft Fundraiser @ The Carnegie. DJs, and local musicians. Ceramics by Monika Laskowska, Kim Brook,  Grace Peterson, Larry Brow, Dilesh Fernando (3 Large Pieces), Jo Cink; Visual Art by Rena Detrixhe; Glass by Chuck Watson.

If you are interested in participating, please let us know. More information to follow. WATCH THIS SPACE. 

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