Prosthetic Legs / Medical & Living Expenses for Mark Mann Jr

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Beneficiary: Mark Mann Jr. Organizer: The Mann & Freedland Family

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Family & Friends,

First, let us take this opportunity to thank you all for the tremendous support you’ve shown to us over the last couple of months. We are moved beyond words by the love, prayers, gifts and encouragement you have shown our family. 

Mark Mann, as most of you know, is an amazing husband, man of God, encouraging brother, a loving son, an athlete, and a very positive person overall.

On Sunday June 16th of 2013, Mark was enjoying the warm summer weather on Balsam Lake in Wisconsin. Mark was on the water riding his stand up jet ski when he found himself in the water, looking at a boat heading in his direction. Mark quickly tried to get back on his jet ski in order to get out of the way, but he was unable to do so successfully.

Mark then realized that he needed to swim as fast as he could in order to get away from the middle of the boat. Luckily, he was able to create a distance between himself and the boat so that only his legs were hit, saving his life. 

Both of his legs were severely injured in the accident midway below the knee. After an excruciating 30 minutes without pain medication, a LifeLink Helicopter airlifted him to Regions Hospital in St. Paul, MN after calling 911 for help. After being transported to Regions Hospital, he underwent immediate surgery in hope of saving his legs. Unfortunately, the injuries to his legs were too catastrophic and neither could be saved.  His legs were taken from him at a far too early age of 25.

Mark is about to begin a long road to recovery. He will have to regain strength, and learn how to walk again using prosthetic legs. During this time Mark will not be able to work, and Rachael will need to be home with him full-time during his recovery process. We ask for your financial support for Mark and Rachael as they will need help covering Mark's medical expenses, prosthetic legs for Mark, and modifications to their home.

Thank you once again for your continued support. We appreciate all of your prayers, words of hope, support, and encouragement during this time as it matters the most to Mark, Rachael, and our family.  


The Mann & Freedland Family

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