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Our friend Mike Amann is fighting stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer like a freak. And we're here to help him! Not because he needs us, nope.... because WE NEED HIM. And it's time for us to show him just how much.

We need his talent, his vision, his spirit and his friendship. We just need him. We need him to fight. We need him to be inspired. We need him to believe in hope and prayer and faith and science and laughter and loyalty and love. He’s our friend, and we need him.

And, sure, Mike is already the Badass of The BLDG, the Curator of Covington, the Conscience of Ludlow, the Savant of the Screen Print, the Daddy of Little Kaizer and the Lucky Guy Who Landed Lesley. So while it seems like he's got it all, he needs us now more than ever...

Mike is leaving no stone unturned in his fight to beat the crap out of cancer. But, as you can imagine, the burden of medical bills can be a beast. Please donate here or send a check payable to: Amann Family Benefit Fund, 49 Kenner St., Ludlow, KY 41016.

Join us in supporting Mike, financially and spiritually and emotionally... And post support for Mike here on Facebook at

You may see the name "Jeff Warman" when donating. Jeff is one of the "Friends of Mike Amann" who set up this account. Since we are not able to be an official 501(c) non-profit organization (because the donations are going to an individual family), we needed an individual to manage the YouCaring & Paypal account that is directly connected to the Amann Family Benefit Fund account at Huntington Bank. Jeff is that individual. Any other questions, feel free to contact us at or or through the Posters&Prayers Facebook page. 

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