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Paulie- PTSD Service Dog

$2,831raised of $11,000 goal

Organizer: Joan Beneficiary: Joan Richardson

I am raising money to get a PTSD service dog to help me regain freedom in the world.

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I am a survivor of trauma that occurred while living and working in Africa.  This has left me with PTSD which has severly impacted how I experience the world and operate in it.  Physicians and therapists have recommended getting a PTSD service dog.  I was skeptical at first, but the more I researched it gave me hope that I could navigate the world more freely with a service dog.

Paulie is a yellow lab born October 7.  He has been picked for me by the trainer.  He will undergo 4 months of training that will be both general obedience and service dog training and specific training for my needs.  For example he will learn at command to stand behind me to keep others from getting too close or warn of any danger from behind and he will learn to search a room before I enter.

Paulie will also help me come out of flashbacks.  He will provide a sense of security, as well as companionship.
The money raised will go for the cost of Paulie and his specialized training by a certified trainer in Florida.

Thank you in advance for helping me unite with Paulie so that we can live life together.  You will be helping me heal and get my life back so that I can give back to the world.
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by Joan
Happy #1 birthday to Paulie!!  As he starts training more $ is required for training to go on...praying for a miracle!  Keep the prayers coming.

by Joan
October has arrived!!  I have always loved this month, but this year it takes on a special meaning as this year it is the month Paulie starts training so that he can join me and we can face this scary world together...together we can fight PTSD and show it that it cannot win.  Can you help make this possible??

by Joan
Got an email from the trainer...Looks like Paulie will start training on October 6.  Just one day before his birthday.  Yay!!

by Joan
Oh the wait is hard.  Paulie will soon be transported to Florida to start training.  We are grateful to all those who are playing an active role in this process.  We are excited to unite.  Everytime I go out and incur difficulties i dream of how different it will be when I have Paulie.

by Joan
Paulie has been neutered and the breeder said that when she went to get him he came out wagging his tail.  He is a happy dog. 

by Joan
Things are moving along.  Money sent to the breeder for Paulie.  Contract signed and sent to the trainer.  Friends coming alongside me and hleping with $.  Thanks to all!!

by Joan
Exciting news...the trainer emailed yesterday he has put a hold on Paulie...He is mine...good thing since I am already in love with him and anticipating how different he will make life.  I am already dreaming of the things I will be able to do with him...of how he will allow me to really live and engage in life.





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