Molly's on the Mend

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Home for Good Dog Rescue rescued Molly from York, South Carolina. When she came to New Jersey, she had unusual and bloody diarrhea for a few weeks. Home for Good tried every medication to clear up this issue. On Friday, January 3rd, we took her for an XRay. On Saturday, January 4th, we brought her to Garden State Veterinary for emergency surgery. We found out that Molly has a disease called Intussusception...unfortunately, she had a double Intussusception. Basically, when she was in the kill shelter, she was so infested with worms and parasites for such a long time that it damaged her colon. They had to take out a foot and a half of her intestines and reconnect them. She is only 3 months old. Molly received the best care possible at Garden State Veterinary. The surgery went extremely well. Molly is expected to make a full recovery. Home for Good Dog Rescue made this page to begin fundraising for Molly's $5,000 surgery.

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