Milo Needs Eye Surgery!

$1,065raised of $1,500 goal

Beneficiary: Milo Organizer: Sarah K Smith and Paco Velez

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Beloved Weimaraner Milo needs eye surgery!  He has a benign tumor growing under his eyelid that needs to be removed right away; without surgery, the tumor will grow and damage his cornea.  Between veterinarian evaluations, diagnostic tests, medicine, and anesthesia, Milo’s vet bills could be over $1,500. Milo is loved by everyone he meets and his parents Sarah and Paco need some help getting him the medical treatment he needs.  Milo is scheduled to have surgery on April 1st! If you are planning to donate - please do it this week!

Milo’s favorite activities are cuddling, eating apple snacks, chasing squirrels, and meeting friends at dog parks. 

Any amount will help us - if just 60 people donate $25, we will meet our goal in no time!  Please help save Milo's eyesight!

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