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Leif Osiris Greening-Hamlin was a happy toddler who loved trucks, trains, “diggers,” music and dancing and his two small dogs, Freud and “Izzy” (Isabel).

On March 22nd,, 2013, the day before his second birthday, he was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, an uncommon and voracious bone cancer. His tumor was localized in his shoulder blade and the surrounding tissue, and so considered treatable. He was given a 70 to 75% chance of long-term survival. The treatment plan involved approximately nine months of intensive chemotherapy and surgery to eliminate the main bulk of the tumor. 

But during his initial course of chemotherapy something else went wrong. The chemo brought on veno-occlusive disease, a rare form of liver failure that put him in the ICU, hovering near death for weeks.  Thankfully, he survived, but he ended up with long-term damage in many organs as well as brain damage.

Leif's year-long course of chemotherapy is now over. His cancer is currently in remission, and in many respects he is doing amazingly well.  But the underlying side-effects are still there.  Leif is trying to eat and walk again, and we don't know what the effects of the brain damage will be.

Your donations help recoup lost wages and pay for housing, food, insurance and for care that insurance won't cover, like high-quality physical therapy. Thank you for your generosity.

Mary, Eric and Leif

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