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Landon Needs a Quadriciser!

$10,820raised of $15,500 goal

Organizer: Kathy Eberle Beneficiary: Landon Hochstetler

Help Landon and his family purchase a much needed Quadriciser!

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On September 13, 2010, Landon was hit by a car while rollerblading.  He sustained a severe brain injury and other assorted injuries.  If you are unfamiliar with his story, you can read it here at  Landon is slowly recovering from his traumatic brain injury.  The next step in this recovery adventure includes the purchase of a Quadriciser, an amazing whole body therapy machine designed specifically for people who are unable to exercise or even move without assistance.  

The Quadriciser is a motorized, fully adjustable, total body therapy system using a motor and cables that will gently move the entire body.  It can greatly increase range of motion and has been found to improve motor function and level of alertness.  Landon would certainly benefit from having unlimited access to the Quadriciser at home to provide more frequent total body range of motion to aid in the rehabilitation process.  

The Quadriciser is very unique and would greatly improve Landon's quality of life, but the equipment is of course quite expensive.  The Quadriciser costs $15,495 with shipping.  Please consider donating to help raise enough funds to purchase this much needed therapy equipment for Landon. 

Please share this on your social networking sites.  Thank you in advance for your help and support!
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by Kathy Eberle
Landon is getting his Quadriciser!  As of this afternoon, including donations that have been made off this site, we have met our goal!  On behalf of the Hochstetler family, many, many thanks for your most generous donations and support.  

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by Kathy Eberle
Many thanks for your continued generous donations, the checks in the mail, the many offers to help, and the continued sharing and caring.  We are SO close to our goal!!  Thank you!
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by Kathy Eberle
What an awesome first week we have had!  Thank you to everyone for your generous donations and for sharing the site with others!  
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