Kidney for Amanda

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A few months ago I stumbled across a Facebook post that read something like this.. "I need a kidney AB+".  Being that I am an AB+ and only 3% of the human population is the same, it caught my attention.  After doing a little research I realized that this women is in the same city as me, has a child around the same age as me, she herself is around my age.  Her situation hit close to home.  After throwing the idea of donating around for a few days I decided to get tested.  We were a match.  As close as close could get actually. 

After discussing the financials with my employer we have come to the agreement of using my personal vacation time and anything over the week paid vacation will be unpaid. Although my job will not be jeapordized for the time off.  The week unpaid is a hit to my financial situation unfortunatly.  After some serious thought, I decided to take this route. 

I guess the conclussion to my story is this....If it were me, I'd want someone to save my life. 
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