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 April 2014

Denise will start posting here & on her facebook page to keep everyone updated. Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers! 
George & Crystal Hunnicutt

September 16th 2013 everything we knew changed... 
My 17-year-old sister Kelsey was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer.

 Today is September 20th. Our family has spent every moment trying to prepare and educate ourselves on what’s to come. Everything is moving so fast. After several tests on Thursday they determined the cancer is localized to the tumor by her knee and her team of doctors have set her treatment plan.

They need your help covering the costs of her medical expenses. Insurance will not cover everything she needs to give her best fight. The weekly co-pays for her chemo treatment alone are very high. She will spend a lot of time in the hospital. We are trying to raise the funds so my parents can focus on Kelsey, her emotional needs & managing all the doctor appointments. Not spend time worrying how to get the money to pay for her care.
We appreciate any and all amounts you can provide to help her fight against cancer! 
All funds collected will go to her costs for care. We will continue to raise funds throughout her fight to ensure she is given every opportunity and resource to fight this cancer full-force. Updates will be posted here and on her Team Kelsey Facebook page.

Thank you sincerely from the Entire Hunnicutt Family!


                                                Today is 12/13/2013

Kelsey had surgery 12/11, she had a total need replacement and about 3 1/2 inches of her femur removed. She's in a great deal of pain but she's up doing her exercises & in good spirits! 
Prayers continue as we wait to get the results from the tumor they removed. The chemo didn't shrink it's size but we're praying it killed the cancer! 
We are so proud of Kelsey!! Her faith in God & positive attitude throughout this journey is such an inspiration! She is truly an amazing beautiful young woman! We Love You Kelsey!! 



Please check out our friend’s "Rumble Against Cancer" onFacebook & follow their 10,500 mile journey around the U.S

 The Rumble Riders, which includes cancer survivors, will be leaving Sunnyvale, TX in August 2013 on a 10,500 mile journey and display the Rumble Against Cancer logo on jackets, shirts, helmets and motorcycles. The route will take them to the furthest points of the Continental U.S. Along the way the Rumble Riders will be greeted by supporters of Rumble, the American Cancer Society and Texas Oncology.



For those able to donate by cash or check, there is an account set up at:

Alabama One Credit Union
1215 Veteran Memorial Parkway Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

Account name: Kelsey Hunnicutt - Team Kelsey


by The Hunnicutt Family
Kelsey is doing well since surgery,  She is extending her knee as much as they would like for her to,  and it is working properly!  She has recovered from her knee surgery very well,  she has been getting chemo every two weeks now and she is off for two weeis it has been more intense since surgery, since the tumor was not as dead as they wanted it to be,  But they are saying that is what it is gonna take to kill all of the cancer cells in her body.  Thanks for all the continued prayers and support for our sweet Kelsey:)This picture of Kelsey is from the racing for Children's day at the track she had a great time that day and a special thanks to Children's of Alabama for choosing her to attend!

by The Hunnicutt Family

by The Hunnicutt Family

by The Hunnicutt Family

by The Hunnicutt Family
Kelsey's been quite ill this week. Her fever just won't go away. Its higher tonight than ever before & she's been so sick - please spread the need for prayer. Kels is sick & I just want to change it all right now for her. I hate knowing she's struggling & in pain. Please go to her Fb account for more recent posts. We've been a bit overwhelmed to keep updates as often as we intend to here recently. 
We love you Kels! Got our Prayer Warriors working on things for you!! Stay strong.


by The Hunnicutt Family
Glad to have Kels home from the hospital for the weekend! She goes back tomo for chemo. We had the best time with her! She gave all Hunnicutt men matching hair cuts! She was just gleaming through each one. It was great! Very emotional weekend for us all. She looks so cute rockimg her new do. Posting pics soon of Dad, Paw-Paw, George & Brian all stepping up to the clippers!

by The Hunnicutt Family

by The Hunnicutt Family
Update from Kelsey this morning after her visit to the hospital.

"Just left children's, my platelets are low which mean I bruise easy. The other counts are all good!! Thank you God for good news!! I'll be admitted next Tuesday for my next treatment! We went over to the quarterback floor where I recieve my treatment to visit & the lady at the security desk checked us in, she asks us our name & she says so your the Kelsey Hunnicutt! You had ALOT of visitors a couple weeks ago! Lol couldn't help but smile!! Thanks again for all your support!! Team Kelsey is A W E S O M E"

by The Hunnicutt Family
Saturdays BBQ/Softball tournament was a huge success! Thank you so much for coming out in support of Kelsey! Kelsey was able to come out for a bit & get to spend time with family & friends! Seeing her finally out of the house & enjoying everyone's company was a blessing in itself. 
We all enjoyed the bike rally, the band, silent auction & great food! Saturday was a great day & lifted everyone's spirits! We are so blessed to be surrounded by such a supportive, involved community. Thank You!!

by The Hunnicutt Family
Kelsey had a really good day yesterday she is getting better everyday, hopefully she will only get better she has another treatment on the 22nd:( they said she done really good for the first one so I sure hope they are all like that or better!

by The Hunnicutt Family

 Kelsey is doing well, but has been pretty sick this week :(  She is keeping very high spirits and a positive attitude as she adjusts to her new norm. Tuesday she came outside long enough to talk with us & blow kisses to our boys. They sure do miss snuggling up to their Kelsey. She's missing her lil buddies something fierce. She can't be around kids due to the risk of germs & illness. 
This Saturday 12 OCT there will be a BBQ at the Brookwood town park. If you can please come out and support Team Kelsey and enjoy some good food. We are not sure if Kelsey will be attending, it's unlikely though. 
As a lot of you know my dad hauls coal for a living. With all that is going on with the coal industry, work is hard to come by these days. As you can imagine the financial struggles will only continue as Kelsey presses through her journey. 
Please continue to help by spreading the word. Thank you all for your support and all you have done and continue to do.
George Hunnicutt 

by The Hunnicutt Family
Tuesday's doctor appointment update from Mama:
Kelsey's counts are good today, she is still feeling really bad they told her she has to eat more cause she has lost 5 lbs so we have to get this chick to eat, but other than that she is doing really good. Said she is gonna get worse her counts will not bottom out till around Friday so keep praying for this girl she is doing a good job for the most part!

by The Hunnicutt Family
Check out the photo gallery, I've added recent posts from Kelsey's Facebook 

by The Hunnicutt Family
Trying to get updates out but we've spent all our free time with family, won't apologize for that! Kelsey heads to the hospital tomorrow.

 I'm struggling knowing that she is not going to be across the street!! She's light-heartedly complained to me that I've started 'mothering' her.. Hey I can't help it - sorry - I try not to .. but I gotta watch out for her too :)
 She'll spend several days in the hospital getting her port in & her first treatment. Mama & Daddy will be with her. George is going with them tomorrow & I'll stay here in town with our 3 boys. The hospital is an hour away from our homes here on our hillside. So send your love & prayers out to Kelsey as she starts this journey tomorrow. 
 I wanted to share with you that Kelsey cut her hair yesterday. She donated it to Locks of Love! What a great cause! I've posted a pic of before & after.
 Kelsey, stay strong - God has answered our prayers & will walk this fight with you! You already know that though! We love you! 
-Crystal & The Boys

by The Hunnicutt Family
 The outpouring of support that everyone has shown is beyond anything we every could have imagined. Thank you all for everything you all have done to help. Kelsey is staying strong and has prepared to take this thing head on and beat this. 
 We've had a very busy blessed week!

  Tons of planning & events with Kelsey! She was in the Homecoming parade & attended the game. This morning she lead the walk with the help of her wheelchair. 
Doctors had to give her an alternative process to harvesting her eggs before chemo, but it has a decent success rate!  With the time restraint to get Chemo started the doctors had to put that thought on hold, just couldn't make it all happen in time. But things are going well. 
 Kelsey spent the last week spending as much time with friends as possible, she will be extremely limited moving forward. Her chemo treatments start Oct 1st & will be weekly. Each treatment requires her to stay in the hospital a minimum of 3 days. Her risk for infection will be high, which is typical for these treatments. 
 A newspaper reporter asked her this morning what was her deciding factor to continue attending school & dress out for cheer? She said she had made a commitment to these girls & this team & she'll do all she can to make good on that. 
 She truly has kept her heart focused on her family & friends as she always has before! 
 Friday was her last day to attend school as her chemo treatments start Tuesday.

 We will post an update tomorrow once we have time to gather all the information needed to keep you updated. 
 We have several personal thank you's to post! We didn't want to rush through writing them. 
We have uploaded a new video  from the local news too.

by The Hunnicutt Family
Sunday George & I visited a friend's church in Tuscaloosa, we prayed for healing & guidance. We prayed for support & knowledge, much like we have every night. Tonight my husband said I have FAITH we'll reach $3,000 tonight. Her donations were around $2,500 when he said that to me.. He went to take care of some things outside the home & I checked, within an hour of him saying that- Her donations reached $2,985. I quickly made another $15 donation to be able to show him the exact $3,000 he had prayed about tonight.. & to post the message that with your help - this goal was met! You all must have felt the urgency in his request, as donations kept coming in! As of today we are starting to get quotes & weekly co-pay estimates from the insurance company for her treatments.. I'm not sure how any family could do this without the support you all have given us. Today marks day 8.. Only day 8 since the doctors spoke the word "Cancer" .. & the cost of care even with some insurance is still so high. Your contributions to Kelseys care is amazing & irreplaceable! Please know there will never be a way for us to truly relay our full gratitude & emotion to all the support we have received. We hope along the way you will know how your contributions have made a difference. Thank you all!

by The Hunnicutt Family
Thank you everyone for your generosity & support! We can not thank you enough for showing Kelsey she is not alone in this fight. You all have touched our hearts with the outpour of support & assistance. We will continue to keep you updated & spread the word to meet our goal! 

For those of you who are local & want to donate by cash or check, we have an Account set up at:

Alabama One Credit Union 

Acount name: Team Kelsey 
(Kelsey Hunnicutt)

Thank you again & God Bless!



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