Kash for Kelbi

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Beneficiary: Tammy Patino Organizer: Danielle Powers

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Kelbi, at 18, has been diagnosed with ARDS or Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, a potentially life threatening illness.
Kelbi has essentially been on life support since July 27th.  It is necessary to help his lungs heal and he has a long road to recovery a head.  They have just taken him off the paralytic drugs and are trying to reduce the amount of sedatives.
It is very important for Tammy to be by his side during this process which makes her unable to work.
Tammy Patino, is a single parent and Kelbi's sole provider.  Unfortunately, Tammy's health insurance started 4 days after Kelbi was admitted.
Asking for help is not one of Tammy's traits and from one single parent to another, you become accustomed to doing things on your own.

I put this together so we can help Tammy stay by his side as much as possible and to help in his extended care once he is home.
No donation is to small and would be greatly appreciated
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