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Kash for Kelbi

$2,280raised of $2,500 goal

Organizer: Danielle Powers Beneficiary: Tammy Patino

Kash for Kelbi is to aid in his recovery from a freakishly rare course of events stemming from the H1N1 Flu virus.

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Kelbi, at 18, has been diagnosed with ARDS or Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, a potentially life threatening illness.
Kelbi has essentially been on life support since July 27th.  It is necessary to help his lungs heal and he has a long road to recovery a head.  They have just taken him off the paralytic drugs and are trying to reduce the amount of sedatives.
It is very important for Tammy to be by his side during this process which makes her unable to work.
Tammy Patino, is a single parent and Kelbi's sole provider.  Unfortunately, Tammy's health insurance started 4 days after Kelbi was admitted.
Asking for help is not one of Tammy's traits and from one single parent to another, you become accustomed to doing things on your own.

I put this together so we can help Tammy stay by his side as much as possible and to help in his extended care once he is home.
No donation is to small and would be greatly appreciated
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by Danielle Powers
Wahhooooooo!  After 61  days Kelbi will be coming home today!  He will be going through months of therapy, but we'll keep you posted on his progress.  As for now,  going to bask in some happy moments!  Pictures soon to come!!!

by Danielle Powers
Day 54.......  Kelbi  is taking great strides to make  progress!!  He has started taking steps with a walker!!  Some days are better than others,  but even saying that,  every day is still an  AWSOME day!  He is now at 113 lbs and is spending most of the day out of bed and sitting up in a wheel chair  :-)    Yesterday we  hung out and jammed to some Johnny Cash,  Rise Against,  Chili  Peppers and played cards,  which was  AWSOME!! The doctors are still trying to figure out his heart rate and blood pressure situation and today there was swelling and extra sensitivity in his feet,  but he still finished physical therapy and pushed through the pain.  As of  today,  it will be one week until he is home!!  And tomorrow,  the update countdown will reflect that  :-)  Changing it up!!  Can't wait, 7  days left!!!!

by Danielle Powers
Day 50.....  Confirmed!  We do believe  Kelbi will be coming home on the 25!!! :-)  He still has a long way to go,  but at least we can do it in the comfort of home....  No  more beeping machines or risk of  catching something else. No  more drab  environment  to remind him daily....  From here total healing mentally and physically...  I'm sooo excited for Kelbi!!!!

by Danielle Powers
Day 45...... Kelbi is getting settled in to his new physical therapy location and adjusting well :-) Therapy today was AWSOME! He had some movement in his feet which although just a flicker, it is a sign of improvement! Goooo Kelbi!!

by Danielle Powers

by Danielle Powers
Day 40...... Today marks 40 days since Kelbi was admitted to the hospital. Although he is still there, and has had a rough week since I last posted, including another trip to ICU, we received good news today. They read the results from his CT scan that was done yesterday and............ Shows signs of improvement!!!!!!! :-) His heart is strong and healthy and all vitals are looking good! Hopefully, we can get the ball rolling on getting him into residential physical rehab and he can start to " get back to normal" . It will be a long hard road, and he has a ways to go, but he has the fight in him to make it through. Kelbi has lost almost 40lbs and recently gained 3lbs back,  muscles have deteriorated and he is pretty weak, but there is no doubt in my heart that he will overcome that as he did with everything that has tried to beat him down for the past 40  days!  Now to buy him a new wardrobe for rehab as he no longer fits in any of his cloths and hopefully the start of a full speedy recovery!!! Sooo  excited as this will be one step closer to bringing him home  :-) Again,  thank you to everyone who has been such an incredible help with the fundraiser as it was a tremendous blessing for us!  And thank you again to everyone for keeping us in your hearts,  thoughts and prayers!!!

by Danielle Powers
 Day 35.....  No changes today.....  Kelbi is still in ICU  under  close watch for any decline.  On the bright side,  no changes is a good sign  that he is not getting worse  :-)  As of now Kelbi has every possible team looking at his charts  to help him get better  :-)  Short  term personal selfish goal for today,  have them being me an actual recliner do I don't have to sleep in a chair again Llol!!!  

by Danielle Powers
 Day 34....Day 34...... In the last 2 days Kelbi has had a decline in motor skills on the left side of his body and server headaches. This promoted another CT scan revealing hemorrhaging in his brain. Back in ICU. Please keep your prayers and positive energy coming.

by Danielle Powers
 Day 29....  Kelbis lungs continue to look good!!!  As most of you know he was originally diagnosed with ARDS.  The flu was accountable for this and after 11  days of tests, they found out it was H1N1. Well apparently,  this virus liked to  cause even more damage after it has been treated. A few days ago,  Kelbi began to have seizures and after a CT  and MRI it was confirmed,   ACUTE DISSEMINATED ENCEPHALOMYELITIS  or ADEM, an  immune mediated disease  o the brain. fHe is undergoing treatment now and also on epilepsy medication.  As if not he needed another problem,  while back in ICU, he also tested positive for Cdiff, a bacteria commonly spread in hospitals to people who have been on antibiotics and have a low  immune system.   Both are being treated and hopefully soon we can pick up where we left of on Wednesday morning getting ready for inpatient physical therapy do he can learn to walk again.  Thank you all for your prayers and all you have done to help!  It is  much needed and truly truly appreciate!!!

by Danielle Powers
Yesterday, after nearly a week out of ICU,  Kelbi was put back into ICU.   It began with blurred vision, dizziness and seizures.  He is now sedated and intubated again.  Last night he had an MRI and Tammy will be hearing the results this morning.
Please send all your prayers and positive thoughts Kelbi's way.

by Danielle Powers
Today makes 3 weeks since Kelbi was brought to the emergency room.
Yesterday was a great day. Kelbi was moved out of CCU.
In the last few days he has had real food, ate by himself,
taken a few steps and sat in a chair.  
So, rehabilitation has begun.  He has come so far.  
We are all so proud of the fighter in him.
His muscles and voice are weak and the road ahead will be challenging.
His mom was allowed to stay with him last night.
I hope each of you know the peace of mind your donations & support have created.
Now, more than ever, Kelbi needs and wants his mom by his side which is keeping her from 
being able to work.
If you feel led to, continued support is still needed.
Thank you again for all everyone has done!
Forever Grateful,

P.S.  please share Kelbis story and watch the video of the song he wrote his mom.

by Danielle Powers
 Again thank you!!!  Taking breathing tube out right now!!!!! 





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