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Kaleigh has a heart murmur & needs to be seen by specialist

$115raised of $400 goal

Organizer: Pete's Destiny Rescue PDR Beneficiary: Pete's Destiny Rescue PDR

Kaleigh was pulled by another rescue and they took her pledge and left her at boarding with an outstanding bill Pete's Destiny Rescue PDR stepped up for her paid her outstanding boarding her transport

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Kaleigh was pulled by another rescue who took her pledge money and put this beautiful soul in boarding and left her after numerous emails to PetEd Destiny Rescue begging them to take this beautiful shy very scared soul and they did without any hesitation Petes Destiny Rescue PDR paid her outstandivet boarding bill transporter etc...
Only to learn she has a very bad heart murmur which might need surgery she will be going to a specialist to see what needs to be done and then if she needa surgery Pete's Destiny Rescue PDR will do so 
As we do hate to ask for help but we have no other choice to ease Help And Share 
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