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Jayzon Mosed (13) Help Bring Home from Yemen-Gun Head Wound

$685raised of $50,000 goal

Organizer: Shawna Blackwell / Carman Cook Beneficiary: Jayzon Mosed

Jayzon Mosed is 13 years old & was on summer vacation visiting family in Yemen.Jayzon has a gun shot wound to the head & is in critical condition & needs to get back to US for MedCare.

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Jayzon Mosed is 13 years old and was on summer vacation with his father visiting family in his father's home country of Yemen. Jayzon was with two of his uncles and his 2 year old cousin when they were ambushed by civilians with automatic w...eapons. One of his uncles was shot 11 times while trying to get his 2 year old little girl to safety. Everyone suffered fatal wounds except for Jayzon who ran 1/4 mile with a bullet in his head before collapsing.

Jayzon is currently in a coma in a German hospital in Yemen. Due to the no fly zone in place in that area the medical evacuation plan is not being allowed into Yemen. Please help us bring Jayzon home to the United States.
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