Jahnke/Zuleger Cancer Fund

$3,540raised of $10,000 goal

Beneficiary: Jahnke/Zuleger Cancer Fund Organizer: Naomi Gregurich/Brigette Pennings

This fundraiser is closed
In May of 2011, Dylan was diagnosed with Bone cancer and in October of 2012, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We have started this fundraiser to help pay for debt that has occured due to fighting this cancer.  We are also hoping to raise money for Dylan to get a second opinion at a facility that insurance won't cover.


The original goal with this fundraiser was to come up with some money to help with some of the bills that have either accumulated or have had to be put off due to fighting this illness...along with possibly getting Dylan to another facility that specializes in cancer treatment with some alternatives. However, Dylan's prognosis recently drastically changed for the worst and now we are looking to get him and his family on a vacation very soon while he is still healthy enough to fly. Because of this...I implore that if any of you are contemplating donating...please do so now and not to wait until closer to the benefit. They are looking at taking this vacation mid-April. Please help!
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