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Homeruns That Help... Homerun Derby To Benefit Daniella

$400raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Carmine Lane Beneficiary: Daniella Parra

Please pledge towards Carmines homeruns to help support Daniella in her long journey back from Osteogenic Sarcoma. Every dollar raised will go directly to Daniella and her long journey back!!!

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Carmine has chosen to participate in the “Homeruns That Help” Program during the Power Show Case in January at Marlins Stadium.  He has chosen Daniella Parra, a classmate of his at Western Academy Charter who, in July 2012 was diagnosed with a childhood bone cancer, Osteogenic Sarcoma as his HTH buddy.  Carmine will be seeking pledges for each Homerun he hits, hoping to bring attention and support for a brighter future for Daniella! 

You can visit for more information on HOMERUNS THAT HELP. 

We are excepting staight donations for Daniella as well!!!!

Thank you very much!

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by Carmine Lane

This is Carmine's mom, no words can describe the generosity of you wonderful people!  Not only in giving selfishly to help Daniella, but such heartwarming and kind words of encouragement.  I know both of our kids are learning a valuble lesson from this and will carry this with them forever!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

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by Carmine LaneShare This Update!

by Carmine Lane
Hi!  We hope you all have had a great Thanksgiving and as the winter holiday's approch, Carmine's Christmas wish is that you will consider making a dontation to help Daniella and her family though the holiday season!

Carmine's event is fast arriving and we are hoping to have raised alot of money for our friend Daniella!
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by Carmine Lane

Hi all!  We have created our flyers and currently seeking a printer to donate 400 color copies.  If you know of anyone who would be willing to pitch in and help, please give leave us a note!

Thank you!!

Cherri and Carmine

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