Help James - Autism Service Dog Fundraising

$2,665raised of $6,650 goal

Beneficiary: James Taylor Organizer: Tim and Jackie Taylor

This fundraiser is closed
We are raising money to pay for the training and expense of getting an autism service dog for our son, James. This service dog will be trained specifically for James to help assure his personal safety, his emotional development and stability and to provide consistency across different environments in his life. There are many things that the service dog will help James with including increased communication, eye contact and building social relationships. The service dog can also help encourage activities of daily living like brushing hair and teeth, bathing and toileting independently. The service dog can aid in calming James and providing companionship so he is able to fall asleep at night and stay asleep throughout the night. The service dog will also be trained to make sure James does not wander off or get lost in public places. Our goal for purchasing a service dog is to provide less stress overall in our home, which will help reduce James' melt downs and anxiety. A service dog can make a positive impact on the rest of James' life that no amount of therapy is able to. Please join us in raising money to purchase a service dog for James.
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