Helping Annika Heal

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Beneficiary: Annika Mullings Organizer: Annika's Family & Friends

On October 8th, 2013, 17-year old Annika had a massive brain bleed which resulted in a life-saving brain surgery. She has been hospitalized since and had another brain surgery to remove the AVM, which caused the initial bleed. 

Annika moved home on December 27, 2013, to continue her recovery. She still needs 24/7 care so for now her father, Javier, is acting as her primary care giver with the help of Annika's mother and grandparents. She also has regular nursing care who visit her at home on a daily basis to help the family out. She will continue to receive physical and other therapies and will be visiting her doctors via medical transports at the Oakland Children's Hospital.  While returning home was the best option and Annika seems truly happy to be home, making sure Annika's daily needs are met is extremely costly. 

We are all waiting for the day when we will see Annika's eyes open and a smile on her face.  In the meantime, we're remembering the beautiful, sensitive girl who wrote the ode below  We can't wait for her to wake up so she can see how many people love and care for her.  We're so grateful for all of you!

We ask for your prayers during this period of healing, and if you are able, your financial support.  We thank you for helping the family in whatever way possible. If your heart is so inclined, consider making a monthly donation. And please, share Annika's story whenever possible. We believe strongly that she is responding to the love and support of friends and generous strangers everywhere. Thank you.

"Almost all of the time,
you tell yourself you're
loving someone when
you're just using them."
Shall I describe true
love? Love is a Teddy
Bear. For only a Teddy
Bear is there to hold
onto when nothing else
is real, to cry into when
your composure has
crumbled. You, my
Teddy Bear, are the
only who would not
judge. As it seems the
sorrow of my soul only
emerges for you, for I
sense my dear Bear will
never abandon me. You
appreciate my love and
I am grateful. To wake
up to your profound
black eyes, the
numerous gashes in
your fur from our 
continuous adventures,
and the ever-invitation
of your out-stretching
arms (which I would fall
into without a second
thought) is ideal. Alas,
you will remain a
beautiful nightmare. Not
only are you my
greatest friend, but also
my worst enemy. In one
second, you could
shatter my heart or
make me whole. In your
paw, you hold my life
and a slight lean could
destroy me forever. As
for now, it seems as if
you don’t care for the
things you don’t have,
as it appears the only
thing you desire is my
company. When we
embrace, I don’t feel so
alone. But still I must
wonder, dear, dear
Teddy Bear, will you
remain the only one (an
inanimate object that
clutches my love)? Are
you going to be all I
ever have?"

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