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'Help Tracey Beat Cancer'

$90,962raised of $75,000 goal

Organizer: Help Tracey Team Beneficiary: Tracey Herms

Wife, and mother of five girls (ages 7-18), Tracey Herms has been fighting cancer since May 2010. These donations will help her attend an alternative cancer treatment center in Mesa, Arizona.

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On May, 2010, Tracey Herms received the news no woman wants to hear...... "You have breast cancer.”  

Thus began the journey; surgery, treatments, sickness, more surgery, and the overwhelming task of trying to maintain a “normal” family life with her husband Reinhard and their five daughters. During this period of uncertainty and hardship, Tracey also faced her sister’s diagnosis of breast cancer and a year later her death.

Tracey's zest for life, love for people, formidable spirit and strong faith in God continues to ground and motivate her.  She strives to keep the cancer from defining her or robbing her family of joy.

After three years of every conventional treatment conceivable (3 surgeries, 3 separate rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and more), the cancer persists. A few weeks ago, scans have shown that the cancer has spread across her left lung and entered the lymph nodes on the right side of her chest. She has been told that surgery is not an option. The only treatment conventional doctors are offering her at this point is more of the same chemotherapy that she has endured over and over again.  Instead, Tracey and her family have made the decision to pursue treatment at the Oasis Healing Center in Mesa Arizona, a center that combines traditional proven cancer treatments along with alternative medicine.  

These treatments are not covered by the Canadian health care system and are very expensive. Unfortunately, the Herms do not have the resources to cover the expenses associated with this treatment regimen.

Weekly cost of treatments: $9,000 (Cdn)

Based on Tracey’s diagnosis the Oasis Healing Centre is prescribing 8 weeks of treatment. Furthermore, the Center does not provide accommodations; therefore she will be responsible for finding accommodations along with providing travel and living expenses.

Clearly, the financial needs are considerable.  Many of you have already given so much to the Herms family; prayer, meals, practical support and friendship.  Your love and friendship have helped carry this family through this difficult journey.

We are inviting you to continue with us in prayer for the Herms and invite you to contribute funds towards her therapy.

The Herms Help Team is made up of a small group of friends coming together to prayerfully and practically help the family.  Our mandate is to organize assistance and communicate Tracey, Reinhard, Katherine, Michelle, Sarah, Heather and Jenny’s needs to the broader community.

Please note: donations will be transferred directly into Tracey’s account allowing her to withdraw the funds as needed while in  Arizona and minimize bank charges for currency conversion.  All of the funds donated will go directly to Tracey’s treatment, accommodations and travel expenses.

The YouCaring Web site DOES NOT take any portion of the donations.

For those who prefer, cards, notes and donations can be mailed to or dropped off at the following address:

  • .c/o Tracey or Reinhard Herms - Immanuel Pentecostal Church.  955 Wilkes Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3P 1B8.
  • Make donations payable to 'Reinhard or Tracey Herms'. Please note that no receipts are able to be issued for tax purposes.

Thank you for your support.

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by Help Tracey Team

Update from Winnipeg

I’ve been home for six and a half weeks. It’s been a whirlwind!

When I returned home, I was quite weak and exhausted. I had blood tests and as suspected my port was infected. I was immediately scheduled to have my port removed. I was also scheduled for a CT scan, bone scan and brain scan later that month. It was detected in my CT scan that I had developed a blood clot in my internal jugular vein and was promptly started on an anticoagulant by daily injections. This is something I will be on for life as cancer patients are susceptible to blood clots once they have received chemotherapy. I believe that this clot was caused by the removal of my port.  My CT scan also showed that the cancer had progressed in the pleura of my left lung. It is a well known fact in homeopathic medicine that cancer is more difficult to treat after people have had chemotherapy. I went through treatment for three years whether it was IV or oral. I believe that had I chosen IV chemo again in May of this year I would not be living the quality of life that I am today. Although I am not as strong as I once was, I am still able to perform my activities of daily living with dignity and grace. I have continued vitamin C and ozone treatments with a naturopath at home and I’m taking many oral supplements as well as baking soda twice a day.

 Returning to my family has been both relaxing and hectic. The schedules that the girls are able to keep are much more difficult for me now. I tend to tire much quicker than I used to and try to push myself to the max. With that I crash, and then try to get the rest that I need. I’m very thankful for those of you who are able to drive the girls to school and to their many activities. I am also thankful for two extra drivers in our house as well! These girls make great grocery shoppers and chauffeurs!

Recovering is a slow process. Maintaining a vegetarian diet is hard but much more manageable in a northern climate. Understanding that RAW foods keep all the essential nutrients for our bodies to recover, it is difficult to apply all these principles at once. So I try to apply what I can manage daily.  Slow and steady wins the race….  

My mornings consist of getting Jenny off to school and then doing my quiet time and relaxation, along with the enemas to maintain a “squeaky clean environment” so my body can continue to detoxify. I do my best to exercise on the treadmill each day. This is where I am able to watch a TV program or movie to distract me from the repetitive motion and laboured breathing.

We are so very grateful for all the support that we have received over the past 4 months. From prayers and financial gifts; to practical help such as meals, rides, laundry and cleaning. I cannot express my gratitude. No one wants to be sick but life is much better when it is filled by people who love you and are willing to help. THANK YOU!

I hope that through this journey you have also gleaned some valuable information from my updates.


- Eat more RAW fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

- Remove the processed foods from your diet.    Eliminate as much sugar as possible as cancer feeds on simple sugar that we eat and store in our bodies. Processed foods are readily and easily converted into sugar once ingested into our bodies.

-Cut down on meat portions. Meat is hard for our body to digest and break down. By decreasing the portion size or eliminating one or two meat meals a week, your body will be able to focus on ridding your body of disease rather than focusing on digestion.


-Basic brisk walking moves our lymphatic system and helps eliminate waste products through sweat and organs in our body.

-Healthy lymphatics are what we need to keep our immune system strong. A lifestyle that does not incorporate vigorous movement and exercise contributes to sluggish, goopy and sticky lymphatic drainage. This is not a good thing and clogs our defence system. The only way our lymphatics are massaged is manually or through exercise.


-Take time daily to regroup your thoughts and relax. Read a book, pray, practice forgiveness, be content in whatever situation you are in.

-BE THANKFUL for every moment you have with the people you love and build memories that will outlive you!


Blessings to you and your family! I hope this Christmas season finds you in good health and full of wonderful moments with the people you love.

God bless you all for your help and faithfulness in our time of need.



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by Help Tracey Team
Hi everyone!

After 9 weeks in Mesa I've returned home. What joy fills my heart! I missed it so. I'm feeling nervous about being home and having to navigate my treatments and vegan diet on my own. Now that I am home I will be talking to a Naturopath about continued treatments. I'm also being booked for a CT scan in the next while and blood tests to see where I'm at. 

If you look only at tumour markers to gauge my progress, they do not paint a very clear picture. During my stay in Mesa the markers did not seem to follow a consistent pattern. During some periods they went down (this was a good sign), but during other periods they started to go up (not so good). I believe looking at just the numbers is too simplistic. Many other factors came into play while I was in Mesa such as the two infections that I was fighting obviously causing my immune system to weaken. Only God knows the true state of affairs and I will continue to put my trust in him and not in numbers!! However for those of you out there who are number junkies...the final blood test I received at the clinic showed a drop in the numbers...this was encouraging and I believe shows that what we eat etc. can effect outcome. 

"Am I healed from this cancer?" I don't have an answer for that.  I may never see my tumour markers ever go lower than they are now. However I can say that I will try my best to STOP this cancer from growing bigger. This I will do by a vegan diet, exercise, and natural treatments. Some of the treatments that I received in Mesa are available in Winnipeg, therefore I will continue them here. One of the treatments called Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT) which involved low dose chemo, is not available in Winnipeg.This was one of the main treatments that I wanted to pursue in Mesa. Turns out that my bone marrow (which produces white blood cells) is having a very hard time keeping up due to the effects of all the previous chemotherapy I have undergone. Although the normal schedule of IPT treatments at the clinic in Mesa was one per week, I was only able to undergo 3 rounds of this treatment before my white blood cell count started to get dangerously low and they had to discontinue further IPT treatments. 

I know God is my healer and He has taken my affliction. I need to let him bare my pains and sufferings daily. The cross was the final stop, from there Jesus was the final sacrifice. I/we need to know that we are healed because that is what He wants for all of us. Whether it be cancer or any other affliction, Jesus is our rock, our healer, our friend. 

Thank you for your support and prayers. My journey is not over.  I know that God has a specific plan for me and whatever that might be, I pray I am open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to lead me.

I ask for your continued prayers as I continue on in my healing.



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by Help Tracey Team

Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past couple of weeks. It has been emotionally difficult time for me as I am missing my family very much. After a number of weeks of good progress (i.e. tumor markers going down), last week they took a turn and went up. This was very difficult for our family to hear. It is always mentally hard to stay positive when you hear news like that…however we know that God is in control and he does not make mistakes. I will be returning home with Reinhard at the end of next week (November 3rd). This will make my stay down here 9 weeks in total!! I have learned a lot about food prep and will be continuing with these lifestyle changes once I return home. My doctor at the clinic in Mesa has been in contact with Dr Turner (my homeopathic Dr in Winnipeg). We are arranging to continue as many of the treatments available in Winnipeg (that I have received in Mesa) after I return home.

Just to catch everyone up…two weeks ago Reinhard and Jenny left, Pat arrived in time to help me through another bump in the road. Thank God for friends who have been willing to come down and help me through difficult times (a week feeling absolutely horrible). Pat left and Lorraine flew in. We had three days of good laughs and fellowship. Then Clarissa came and spent time with me. All of you have provided much needed spiritual support and prayer! THANK YOU!

Please pray for renewed strength in my body so that I can continue the fight! I am by no means giving up and am praying that this week the numbers will once again be more positive. Please also pray for the rest of my family as they go through this emotional roller coaster along with me. It is very difficult for them to deal with all the ups and downs we have gone through in the past couple of months (never mind the past 3 ½ years).

This weekend our very good friends Herman and Irene came to Mesa from San Diego and the four of us had an excellent time of sharing and catching up. Yesterday we managed to take a drive up to Tortilla Flats so that I could get out into the sunshine which I have not had a chance to do at all being in the clinic all day and then going home just before the sun sets. So if any of you ever come down to Mesa and are looking for something to do consider going to Tortilla Flats…AND THEN DON’T! ;) GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! Wow there is nothing to see there! The drive up was fun as it gave us time to spend together. We stopped at an old west “campground” called Gold Field Ghost Town on the Apache Trail. We took some fun pictures (which I have posted at the bottom of the gallery). It was nice to spend some time outside of the clinic  and just forget everything and have some fun…can’t remember the last time I was able to get out and enjoy myself.

I have slightly altered my diet and am feeling a bit better with respect to energy etc. Still very weak but I have a renewed trust in my God that HE WILL heal me. The songs I think of are the older hymns that provide comfort and peace in these times of disappointments. Much has been learned and surrender is necessary in order for God to do the work that He promises to do. A spiritual revival is what I’m experiencing right now, gently occurring in God’s own timing.


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by Help Tracey Team

My tumour markers drop again 159!

Please pray 

1) for my bone marrow to start working on its own to produce WBC and RBCs. 

2) for my appetite to improve

3) general well-being                    

4) that I would surrender to God's will


My absolute  neutrophil count was 0.7 that is the lowest it's been since at the clinic. Protocol is 0.5 I go on reverse isolation. The first year I had cancer my neutrophils were 0! That was not good I was hospitalized for a week. Very sick!

My Hgb is also sitting at 88. This too is low. 

I've received procrit as well as neupogen to stimulate my bone marrow and another round of antibiotics for  prophylactic treatment against infection. 

I believe God is healing me albeit in a way I would rather not have to endure......Slow and steady. God is healing me gently. My clinic nurse keeps saying my energy and stamina does not match my blood work results. God is amazing and THE great physician. 

My appetite is improving although quite slowly. Pray I can eat what I need to provide my body with the proper nutrients to get me through all this garbage. As well for general well being. I'm dragging my feet and would love to go for walks. With such a low Hgb I tire quite quickly.

Pat has been such a great help to me these past few days. 

Thank you once again for your unending support. I LOVE GOD'S CHURCH!


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by Help Tracey Team

I have posted some new pictures at the bottom of the gallery. I took some pictures of the inside and outside of the clinic as I thought that some might want to see where Tracey is spending her days. There are a few buildings, one of which is a 100+ year old house that has been fully renovated. Also… some pics of Jenny and myself with Tracey. I also posted some pictures of a new attraction in Phoenix called Butterfly Wonderland. If any of you ever get the chance to go I highly recommend it. It is AMAZING! They have over 2000 butterflies in the aviary with over 50 varieties. They land on you and you can get very close to them as some of my pictures demonstrate.

Well Jenny and I have been here for almost a week…almost time to go back home. We have not had as much time to spend with Tracey as we would have liked. Her schedule is grueling. Most mornings she is up between 6am and 7am. She does her morning routine and gets ready to go to the clinic. After she comes home…usually around 4pm, she is exhausted…not much energy to go out in the evening. We have had some good family time and plan to go to Sedona on Saturday if Tracey is up for it. Sorry for the lack of updates on our part but Tracey just does not have the energy this week…it has been an exceptionally trying week for her. For some reason she is having a hard time eating. She just does not have much appetite.

It may sound like Tracey is not making much progress down here. Well some things that are worth doing may not always be the easiest to do. We DO have good news!! Tracey’s tumor markers have taken a substantial drop this week. They dropped from 190 to 170!! This is the best news that we have received in a VERY long time. Although we don’t want to jump to conclusions, this has been some much needed good news in a very long 3 ½ years of Dr’s appointments that rarely if ever had any good news. Tracey and I remain guarded and would like to see two weeks of decline before we start jumping up and down. I think that if all of you out there keep praying, God may just answer those prayers yet!!!


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by Help Tracey Team
Another week has flown by on the calendar but it seemed like forever on my part. It's been a joy having Barb here with me this past week. Reconnecting, laughing, crying, walking etc. I even bought some new outfits for myself. Barb was a great help!

When she arrived I was totally drained and had decided to end my juice fast. I lasted seven days. Enough for my body to shut down and begin a cleansing. My bowels were stubborn so I added in more stool softeners and had more colonic therapies added to my schedule. Things are starting to turn around on that end of my body. ie I AM POOPING!

Had an amalgam filling replaced this past week as well. Hopefully this will help with my body to stop making cancer. I feel much better knowing it is gone! Next my root canal......thinking I'll wait till I get back home to get that one done. Soon I may be known as Toothless! Wish I could train this dragon!

My chemotherapy was cancelled this past week because my absolute neutrophils are down and the physicians are hesitant to give me more neupogen. They want my own bone marrow to kick in rather than having it artificially rejuvenated with neupogen. I have loved the break!

I'm pretty drained as my body removes toxic waste. I long to see my tumour markers decrease. The blood test will be drawn again tomorrow. Please pray for them to drop! So glad to have caregivers here with me to drive me when I am too weak to do so. 

It's been a challenge being away from friends and family but I am grateful that I was able to enjoy two weeks here at Christmas with my family. Makes the separation easier as I did a lot of driving and exploring back then. The city isn't totally strange to me. Driving is not as difficult and overwhelming when I can drive. 

In God's hands,
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by Help Tracey Team

NOTE: A few more pictures added to the picture gallery at the bottom.

 Update-Week #4

Greetings All!  Just last week I was sitting at home in Nashville reading the update from Millicent, thankful to finally have a better understanding of what Tracey was experiencing at the Oasis Healing Center.   Now, having been here for almost a week, I can tell you that this is an amazing place!  The care and compassion displayed by the Doctor and staff is remarkable.  They truly come along side their patients and work with them to achieve health and wholeness.   I have never seen anything like it nor learned so much.

 Tracey herself is a remarkable woman of character and strength.    Physically and emotionally, this healing journey is hard work!  You will be pleased to know that Tracey was able to begin the 21 day juice feast on Monday, although it took two days before she could drink it without plugging her nose.   Meanwhile, she has a backpack ( I exaggerate only slightly) full of herbal pills that must be taken  daily to assist in clearing the toxins out of her body.     

  Most days are tiring and some nights are restless and punctuated by trips to the bathroom when those herbal pills kick in.   The lymphatic massage treatments, massage therapies, and colonics are really working and blood tests show that Tracey’s liver enzymes are back to normal.  Then too, the same blood tests showed that her tumor markers were slightly elevated.   This was discouraging at first, however, research indicates that those markers typically increase when the cancer is under attack and begins breaking up.   Tracey digs deeper into her faith and with that great sense of humor that God gifted her with, continues to persevere.

   At every turn Tracey shows tremendous faith, courage, vulnerability and grace.   We have cried together, prayed together and laughed a lot.   I am inspired, thankful and full of hope.  Please continue to pray for Tracey, Reinhard, and the girls.  This is their journey.  Your concern, care, generosity and prayers lighten the load.  

(Beverley Pettit, friend)       

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by Help Tracey Team

NOTE: See some new pictures at the bottom of the picture gallery.

Update from Mesa

Tracey just completed her third week at An Oasis of Healing in Mesa.  The past weeks have been challenging for her; travelling to Arizona, adjusting to the heat, settling in, being introduced to the Center and the daily regiments, moving - after 5 sleepless nights caused by extreme heat and an air conditioning unit that just couldn’t keep up, battling an infection, being far away from Reinhard and the girls…but in spite of the many challenges, she remains strong, buoyed by the love and support she has received by all of you, and the strength and hope God is giving her. 

I can assure you that while she is quite exhausted and even overwhelmed at times, she has not lost her sense of humour nor her ability to find “the funny within the serious”.  Indeed, if there is laughter in the Clinic, it is coming from Tracey.

There are many other patients here each with their own battle.  Tracey has her favorite spot in the clinic:  a recliner next to the windows in a corner room.  While there are spaces in the room for other patients, we have discovered that providentially, Tracey has arrived during the Clinic’s slow season, enabling her to have the space and privacy not normally enjoyed.  It is a bit heart-breaking to see some patients here doing this completely alone.  This fact only amplifies for Tracey how truly blessed she is.

The Clinic itself is not what many of us might imagine.  It is actually comprised of two facilities: a beautiful historic home near Main Street Mesa (called the Lifestyle House) that has been updated and converted to include a kitchen, dining rooms, treatment area and educational spaces, and 2 additional small treatment buildings in the backyard; and the main clinic, which is located a couple of short blocks away in a one-story office complex.  Tracey was given a treatment plan based on her cancer type and current medical condition.  Each day, she is handed a schedule for her next day’s treatments.  The regime starts early, with a lengthy list of tasks she completes before she even leaves for the Oasis Clinic, usually around 7:45 am.

Tracey’s day at the Clinic unusually starts at the Lifestyle House with some kind of teaching or training: learning how the body makes cancer, the role of food, raw vegan cooking classes, juicing classes; a full load of information to help her with her treatment and for life back home.  Then it’s on to the main building for a full roster of treatments – some done simultaneously – including the vitamin C therapy, lymphatic drainage, massage,  Ozone Therapy, and Tracey’s personal favorite – Colon Hydrotherapy (you will have to ask her about this one when she returns home).  The supportive and encouraging staff are closely monitoring her progress with regular blood tests. 

 On Thursdays, she receives her low-dose chemotherapy.  I was most curious and surprised by this one.  My impression had been that the Clinic was somehow offering a special chemo not available in Canada.  To my surprise, I heard familiar drug names: Methotrexate, Adriamycin,  Flagyl, Insulin, Neupogen.  In actuality, it isn’t the type of drug being administered that is so different, but rather the way in which it is administered as well as the dosage level.  Oasis’ method maximizes the destruction of the cancer cells and minimizes the damage to the good cells. 

The days at the Clinic are long, and offer few opportunities for Tracey to catch her breath.  She has requested to have a more balanced schedule going forward with more periods of rest in her day.  They are doing their best to accommodate her needs and still provide the necessary treatments.

There is a “tag team” of volunteers on the ground in Mesa scheduled for the duration of her time here able to assist her, chauffer and do whatever is necessary to help her get better.   Thank you to all those offering Winnipeg-based support to Reinhard and the girls as they manage without Tracey close by.

Being on the ground, so to speak, has offered a unique perspective on how we can continue to pray and support Tracey and her family.  Your prayers are invaluable.  Your posts, notes, and well wishes are a real encouragement to her.  Please pray for restful and rejuvenating sleep each night, for discernment each day as to what she needs to do and not do to get better, and for her ability to enjoy and embrace her new diet.  This last one is a huge hurdle.  Eating raw can become old fast – especially when many fruits are restricted due to their sugar levels.  She longs for flavours that appeal to her and is endeavouring to “go vegan” in a way that she can sustain.  She is scheduled to start a full juice fast – called a Juice Feast at the Clinic – as soon as possible, but after all she has been through the past weeks, she isn’t quite at the mental level needed to begin.  Please pray for extra will power to start the fast and to sustain it.  The difficulty of doing a full fast cannot be emphasized enough.

Millicent (friend of Tracey’s)

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by Help Tracey Team

Due to the overwhelming generosity of so many individuals, the original goal of $75,000 to meet Tracey’s need will likely be exceeded.  It is absolutely incredible how so many have rallied to our aid.  We are so thankful for, and have been blessed by your tangible expressions of love.

At this point some may be wondering what will be done with funds that come in over and above the goal originally set.  The following is a brief explanation of some of the possibilities given the situation at this point in time:

  • First, at the onset of the fundraising effort we were told by the clinic that the average stay is between 6-8 weeks.  This was a preliminary estimate.  As such we set our fundraising goal.  However, the clinic actually bases the length of the stay on the progress that is made.  At this time we are not far enough into treatments to gauge how long it will be necessary for Tracey to stay.  Yet, Doctors are indicating that it could be as long as 12 weeks instead of the original 8.  Therefore, the additional funds would be set toward the additional cost. (I am not sure how I will survive without Tracey for that length of time, but if the treatments are working I would definitely find a way to make it happen).
  • Second, even if the treatment is successful there is a probability that the cancer may return due to its aggressive nature.  In order to minimize this risk the clinic schedules follow up treatments.  This would mean additional travel expenses to Mesa and the cost of treatments obtained there.  As such the additional funds will be applied toward the above.
  • Finally, once Tracey returns to Winnipeg she will pursue some of the alternative treatments she received in Mesa. In Winnipeg some of the treatments are available some are not.  Due to the nature of these treatments they are not covered by Manitoba Health.  The additional funds will be applied to this endeavor.

Much uncertainty remains.  However in spite of this I hope I have provided a clear explanation for our use of any additional funds.  Thank you once again for your incredible generosity.  

Reinhard Herms

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by Help Tracey Team

My body continues to cleanse itself with the help of colonics and enemas, as well as lymphatic drainage. Learning to skin brush also to stimulate lymphatic movement. Had some crazy shakes from an infection and after a few days have realized I need more clothes in this clinic. The air conditioning is quite cool so I've pulled out my wool socks and blanket. I've also become friends with the heating pad!

Blood work came back positive for a possible port infection. Have been put on antibiotics so I opted not to have IPT this week. But taking Levoquin and Rocefin IV for the infection for the next week. Makes my clinic days very long. 

Spoke with the physician today he says he wants me to stay ideally until my blood work is clean and my next PET scan is clear, usually repeated 8 weeks after the initial one, that could be as long as 8-12 weeks! Don't know how I can handle that.That would mean in an ideal world, I wouldn't get home until the beginning of December. That is not what I want.

On the home front we have heard of two deaths. A teacher as well as a parent from the school. This has really shaken up my family and fear is setting in. Please pray for my family that they would not be driven by fear. But that they would be filled with faith that God has the power to heal my body and return me to Canada quickly.

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by Help Tracey Team

It's been a very hard week.  I've had a few reactions to the treatments I've been on.  Being assessed for an infection in my port, but hoping that it's due to my lymphatic system being stimulated and the toxins in my body releasing.  I've had quite a bit a shaking that has happened after receiving lymphatic drainage massage.. This loosens your lymph nodes and allows your body to produce white blood cells, the fighting blood cells. So glad Cindy is here with me! Please pray that my port is NOT infected!


Well I've also moved into another place. I was not able to tolerate the heat in the other place and did not sleep due to the heat. Last night I slept much better and didn't wake up until 6 am! as opposed to 3 am. 


Off for another day of treatments.  Hope you have fun Saturday at the car wash. Wish I could be there with you <img id="yui_3_7_2_39_1378912246082_79" src="http://mail.yimg.com/ok/u/assets/img/emoticons/emo1.gif" alt="*:) happy">

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by Help Tracey Team

Hello Everyone!

It's a slow day in Mesa. Rained all morning now the sun is starting to peek out.


I must admit the treatments are a bit more difficult than I bargained for. I'm in detox mode and feeling not so great. Reinhard left for home Thursday, and now I am waiting for my sister Cindy to arrive. It's a little too quiet for my senses. Not used to doing only for me.


Trying to figure out what I can and can't eat. Went and bought some nuts and fresh produce. Salad is not too appetizing right now. I am having a hard time with the juice but I called the kitchen to see what I can do to change up the taste a bit.  Added my own lime today to take a bit of the punch out.


Thanks for your prayers and support.


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by Help Tracey Team

Hey everyone...I decided I would try a video update this time...so please click on the link below…

Video update

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by Help Tracey Team

Feeling overwhelmed by all the preparations that need to be done....Starting to get a bit ...ok...... A LOT nervous! 


We have received many donations and offers of help, events are being planned. Info will be sent out as soon as we have all of it. Unfortunately I won't be here for any of it :(

Still need to have a few days filled with meals: 

Monday Sept 16, 30, Oct 28

Thursday Sept 12, 26, Oct 10, 24

NO DAIRY (includes margarine) I substitute butter with oil. Milk with almond or coconut milk.


Half sugar for most baked recipes

our family enjoys salads and fresh veggies at our meals

Please try to avoid sweet sauces




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by Help Tracey Team

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend. Went to church Sunday and was blessed by the unconditional love expressed to my family. I was anointed and prayed for by the congregation. The prayer support I have received is phenomenal along with produce and donations.

This week I have to organize help for the time I am away. Organize contact lists and inform the schools of my departure. Pray for strength AND time. The days are rapidly passing me by. Reinhard and I are overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done.


Thank you!

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by Help Tracey Team
Well I booked my ticket yesterday. I am leaving Sunday Sept 1. I will begin my treatments on Tuesday Sept 3rd. Please pray for me as I go to Phoenix.  The weather is HOT and since receiving chemo I have a very hard time dealing with heat. Thank God for air conditioning! Things are definitely falling into place.

I can't begin to tell you how amazed I am by the support that everyone is giving our family. New and old friends alike are offering assistance and produce. 

The Youth at our church are wonderful!! They are holding a car wash Sat. Sept 14 from 10-2 to support me. See below for all the details (I have also posted the details to my facebook page).



Mark Your Calendar for the "Help Tracey Beat Cancer Carwash

* Saturday, Sept 14. from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

On September 14th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, the Youth Group from Immanuel Pentecostal Church will be doing a fund raising car wash in the parking lot of 955 Wilkes Avenue.  Be sure to get your car washed for a donation.  100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Herms family for Tracey's treatment.

We (the HelpTraceyTeam) will be working hard to get the word out into the community.  You will be getting more details in the coming weeks about this event and how you can participate.  A BIG thank you to the IPC Youth Group!

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by Help Tracey Team
I have a renewed sense of hope! I have  received soooo much encouragement from all of you. Thank you! Somehow I feel saying thank you is just not enough. 

Yesterday I went to have my blood drawn and although the numbers have climbed once again (not good), I am nevertheless happy! I am no longer carrying a dark cloud over my shoulders...knowing I have a chance to try something that won't make me look or feel sick!

Today my oncologist gave me the ok to go to Arizona and wished me luck. So nice she was encouraging me in my efforts to get better. Picked up the CD which holds my PET results today and now I will hunker down to finalize all the arrangements to go. Just need to let MB health know I'm on my way south. Excited and nervous all at once.
Just wanted to let everyone know that for accommodations we have settled on a place that is fairly close to the Clinic. It is very reasonably priced and the couple that owns it live nearby. This will be very handy in case something needs repair etc. We are so grateful for everyone who has looked for accommodations for me in Mesa. THANK YOU!!
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by Help Tracey Team
So another day has passed. Trying out a different juicer.  Better for juicing greens.
Thanks to all who have brought produce! I'm good for beans, cucumbers and zucchini. If anyone has an abundance of spinach I'm game. I marvel at your generosity.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed financially as well as the comments from those who have written them. My heart wells up with joy knowing I have many people rooting for me and my family.

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by Help Tracey Team
I can hardly believe it. It’s only been about 2-3 days and my first week is already paid for due to the kindness and generosity of everyone who has given.  Accommodations are coming together. Everyone has been so generous in every way offering to help with rides, air miles, vegetables (our fridge is overflowing)…this is a very humbling experience. God is good as he works through his people. Please know that we have a place for each and every one of you in our hearts. 
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by Help Tracey Team
The kindness and generosity of everyone leaves me speechless. Thank you to all who have already donated funds towards my healing. Thank you to those who have shared on FaceBook as well as those who have forwarded my email messages on.
I’ve received vegetables to juice which are soooo yummy and I’m making soups as well. It saves me time grocery shopping and helps my body get stronger to fight! I’m looking good on the outside but it’s the inside of me that needs healing. Don’t be fooled by my energy I can feel the cancer growing in my chest, it feels like a tight band being stretched when I move.  
However my strength comes from the Lord and the body of Christ, YOU, who are standing beside me everyday. Words of encouragement and scripture are treasured.
My PET scan was done on Thursday. I see my oncologist Wednesday and get the results of the scan to take with me down to Mesa .
Still need to book my flight and contact the clinic for a start date once it’s booked. I’ve been preparing school supplies for the girls. Trying to prepare the girls for the first day of school after I am gone is a daunting task. Makes me sad to send Jenny on her own but I guess we did it when we were young!

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by Help Tracey Team

As mentioned in my previous post, our friends have been working very hard to create a website which will help raise funds for my treatment in Mesa Arizona. The website is now complete. Please visit the site here: www.helptraceybeatcancer.com

At this website you can: receive updates and prayer requests, share comments, contribute financially, and remain involved in my cancer treatment.  

Some of you may only be able to give a little, some a little more, some will pray, and others can spread the news to family, friends, peers, and co-workers.  No contribution or effort is too small. See comments below on “How You Can Help”

Thank you and God bless you
How You Can Help:

1.  Visit 
www.HelpTraceyBeatCancer.com and do the following:

        a.   Post encouragements in “Comments”.
        b.   Donate funds for my treatments.
        c.   Visit often for updates & prayer requests.
        d.   Choose “Subscribe to Updates”
2.  Please Share my Facebook status or Donate your Facebook status. You can do that by simply copying and pasting the following (as an example) into your status and posting it.

Tracey Herms, wife, and mother of five (ages 7-18), has been fighting cancer.  Surgery is no longer an option and she will be seeking specialized treatment in Mesa, Arizona.  Visit 
www.HelpTraceyBeatCancer.com  for details and find out how you can help.

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by Help Tracey Team
Today I have my PET SCAN. That is amazing! It was ordered Friday. 
So my departure date can be finalized. Accommodations are being looked at. Tickets to be purchased. Appointment to be finalized. 
Thank you to all those who are assisting me in all my preparations!
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