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Help Save Yvonne!

$18,957raised of $30,000 goal

Organizer: Marc, Brittany, Kristin & Brandon Block Beneficiary: Yvonne Block

Yvonne has been diagnosed with cancer again which spread to her bone and lymph nodes. Please help her family to raise funds for her treatment and medical expenses.

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***UPDATE*** 2/2/14 Well, it has been well over a month since the last update and so much has happened in the month of January. First of all, our last fundraiser was a beautiful event that was successful. We did not meet our goal of attendees, however, we are grateful for all the donations and support. Yvonne has had quite a month with many tests to go through. She also became ill with a bad upper respiratory infection and fluid in the lung. She has recovered, not 100%, but much improvement. Unfortunately, the tests came back with not the best news. It appears the cancer has spread more into the bone, lymph nodes and other areas. She has recently begun chemotherapy; something she truly contemplated with but realized with this agressive disease, it may be her only hope. She is still integrating all the natural treatments and is on a nutritional plan. We have raised the goal a little more to help with these treatments, medical expenses and all the supplements she takes daily. She remains extremely brave and strong and is very optimisitic and positive. We thank you for your support and are humbled by everyone's concern and generosity. Thanks so much and we'll keep you updated on her progress! **UPDATE**

As mentioned on WGN News, our next fundraising event will be held at Marvala's Banquet's in Fox Lake, IL, December 7th, 5pm to 11pm. Please join us! $35 per adult includes dinner, dessert, soft drinks, professional dj, dancing, and cash bar. We will have raffle and auction items; it will be a fun time!  Hope you can attend!
For ticket info, please click on the website link below or call: 847/975-3120

Yvonne was diagnosed with an advanced stage of breast cancer called IBC in 2008. Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. She underwent intensive chemotherapy and radiation. Thereafter, she had a radical double mastectomy with five lymph nodes removed. Later that year, she had chosen to have breast reconstructive surgery. She has since been on a hormone therapy treatment which has caused many side effects, even affecting her ability to work full time as she had in the past.

In 2011, another lump was discovered on her opposite side and was cancerous. It was removed surgically and she underwent radiation for that. The new drug she went on was now a monthly injection which caused side effects, as well.

During her entire ordeal of going through cancer, she did lots of extensive research on the disease and decided to follow certain guidelines in ways to live an anti-cancer life. She did this by changing her diet, avoiding many types of foods and chemicals, taking many supplements, and keeping active. Ever since her very first treatments began, it has been a huge financial burden on the family. They have foregone family vacations and other family activities because of this disease.

Unfortunately, a third round of cancer has reoccurred. This time it has metastised to her bone and lymph nodes. This has taken a severe toll on all of us, mentally and emotionally, and financially, as well. This is where we are humbly asking for your help. Yvonne is one strong woman who will not allow this disease to overcome her.

In conjunction with her Oncologist, who she has seen for the past five years, she has chosen to use alternative treatment which insurance companies do not cover the costs. She’s choosing this natural method, as she has gone through the misery of chemotherapy and radiation twice and does not want to go through it again. These alternative methods are proven to be very effective and successful in treating cancer and possibly even curing. However, the monetary costs involved are too much to bear for the family. We are lost and depleted, and praying to raise funds to help with the medical expenses and treatment that will be endured. Please help our family if you can; any donation would be eternally appreciated. We cannot overcome this on our own.

Yvonne is a loving mother to three children, Brittany (22), Kristin (17), and Brandon (13); a loving wife to Marc married for twenty-five years. She loves being with her family and is very close to them. Brittany will be graduating college next year majoring in Rehabilitation to become a Substance Abuse Counselor. Kristin will be graduating high school the same year and loves to play guitar and write movies. Brandon will be entering 7th grade and loves playing baseball. Then there is Ryno, our dog; she loves taking him for long walks daily and to the dog park.

We have all the confidence and faith that she will be healed and treated and continue to live a healthy, normal life for a very long time, especially with all your help.

We thank you deeply for all your support and prayers!
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by Marc, Brittany, Kristin & Brandon Block
It’s been over a month since the last update and Yvonne is finally on her way to natural treatment, thanks to all of you! In addition to her Oncologist doctor, she has now included in the circle, a Homeopathic/Holistic doctor and an Integrative doctor. It has been an incredible journey, thus far, with WGN News doing a story on her in September, to being enlightened and educated on nature’s medicine. She has tolerated the drug she is on, thanks to her nutritional diet changes, and lifestyle. She has begun intravenous Vitamin C and Glutathione therapy; in addition, she is taking an abundance amount of supplements and herbs, so far around 40 tablets a day, and elixirs, and so on. She is one lucky woman to not have pill swallowing issues!

She could not begin this type of treatment without your help and for that, we are so deeply grateful! Your support and prayers are so appreciated.

As mentioned on WGN News, the next big fundraiser to continue her treatments is going to be held in December. If you are interested in a night filled with fun, food, dancing and entertainment, please feel free to visit the website for more information:

Thank you all so very much and God Bless!

by Marc, Brittany, Kristin & Brandon Block
Well, Yvonne has been quite busy with doctor’s appointments and a biopsy was done to analyze the tissue of the swollen lymph nodes on her neck, in which two were removed. Unfortunately, several are still growing in the area. The cancer in her bone is causing some pain in her back and shoulder area. It was confirmed that it is the original cancer from 2008, which is Metastatic Breast Cancer now. Many of you know how strong she is and is fighting the battle hard! She will not let this get in her way!

The good news is, she has been superior on her anti-cancer diet, juicing away her organic veggies, and keeping active and fit, and most importantly, keeping her faith strong. Thanks to your donations, she is able to purchase and take the many supplements she’s on which has given her energy and feeling good.

She has begun conventional treatment, which hopefully, will slow or stop the spread of the cancer. She has seen a holistic doctor and their team is working on a protocol for her. This protocol will consist of more supplements and enzymes, which the donations will be used for. We are hoping and praying that these methods will shrink these nodes and help her with the back pain. We’ll keep you updated as she progresses.

The Block Family is deeply grateful for your contributions that have come through, via website and mail. A special thanks to those incredible friends of Brittany’s that planned and hosted a successful fundraising event for Yvonne. They raised $3,000 for her! We still have a way to go; keep sharing the site!

Thank you again for all your support, donations & prayers! God Bless!

by Marc, Brittany, Kristin & Brandon Block
Thank you so much for your donations! We are deeply grateful and Yvonne is on the path of natural treatment options; she still has a ways to go. We have also received donations outside of the website and are deeply grateful for those, as well. We'll keep you posted on her progress! Thank you, thank you!





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