Help Save Yvonne!

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Beneficiary: Yvonne Block Organizer: Marc, Brittany, Kristin & Brandon Block

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***UPDATE*** 5/22/14
It's been awhile since the last update, but Yvonne's condition has had some ups and downs. After a run of many scans and tests, it was discovered that there are cancerous cells in her lung and brain. As of February, she has had to start chemotherapy treatment, as the swollen lymph nodes were not shrinking as quickly as we had hoped. However, she is still undergoing the natural treatment of Vitamin C and Glutathione therapy, in addition to multiple supplements she is taking daily. These methods combined with conventional medicine seem to be helping her!

As of now, the lymph nodes are shrinking! Her bones are not as achy and the lung has improved! As for the brain, it appears there were very small cancerous cells detected. She will be seeing a Neurosurgeon to take the necessary steps to treat that. For now, we are so thrilled, as is her doctor; however, the journey doesn't or will never end. This is a continuous battle, as with Stage IV metastatic cancer, there is no cure.

We are hoping and praying for more fundraisers to be held and donations so that she may continue the natural treatment therapy (not covered by insurance).

Thank you all for your wonderful support! It means the world to our family, most especially, Yvonne.

God Bless!
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