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On Thursday October 10, 2013, my beautiful sister Mary was brutally beaten by the father of her children, Kane. Kane was a recovering meth addict, celebrating almost two years of sobriety. A few weeks before the attack, Kane began to show signs of drug use. Mary separated from him and made it clear that she was establishing a new life without him. Soon after, he began to threaten her. Mary quit staying at her home, fearing what Kane might do. She and the children stayed with friends, instead, only returning home for clean clothes.

On the morning of October 10th, Mary dropped her son off at school, excited to have a few days off from work. Mary drove to her empty house to grab clean clothes for her and the children, not knowing that Kane had broken into her home and was hiding inside, just waiting for her to return. Unsuspectingly, she unlocked the door and entered the dark house. She was confronted by Kane, who began to beat her brutally, breaking her nose and sinus cavities on the first blow. She managed to break free and ran from the house screaming for help. Kane chased her down, caught her and dragged her by the hair back into the house, where he continued to beat her. By the grace of God, a retired man driving by saw her bloodied face and heard her cries for help. He dialed 911, and police arrived on scene minutes later, saving her life. 

Mary suffered a severe concussion, and several broken bones in her face, including eye sockets, nose, and sinus cavities. Her upper jaw is misaligned, making it difficult for her to eat. Miraculously, she suffered no permanent brain damage, but the broken bones in her face are displaced, requiring costly reconstructive surgery to put them back where they belong. Her nose will have to be entirely rebuilt with support pieces, and will likely require multiple surgeries. 

As a single working mother of three, Mary proudly supported herself and her children. She had recently purchased her first home, and she and her children loved their new place in the country!

In light of this horrific incident, Mary is facing many weeks off work and lost income. Not only that, but she will likely have tremendous medical expenses associated with her reconstructive surgeries. All funds raised will be used for medical expenses not covered by her insurance, and to aid with income loss while she recovers.

Please consider donating to this very worthy cause, to support Mary along her journey towards recovery! Donations of any size are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, and God bless!
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