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Help Mojo with his surgery

$705raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Pug Nation Rescue Beneficiary: Pug Nation Rescue of L.A.

Help Pug Nation with expenses so Mojo can walk again

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WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!  Mojo is a pug mix around 4 years old; he is so sweet and loving little boy. He came to us as a stray in the LA area where a vet tech found him, took him to the vet where she worked, got him fixed up and then conta...cted us. We have had Mojo in our care since April 25th of last year, the past several months he has been in a foster home where he was starting to develop some mobility issues. He went to the vet and had some troubles but was put on a course of medications and was seemingly better. Well, over the weekend, it appears Mojo ruptured a disc in his spine and can barely stand. He is in so much pain   Today we took him to the Veterinary Neurology Center where he was examined and it's now or never for him.  We had to agree to testing and surgery or we would have had to put him down...there was just no way we were going to do that!  Tonight, Mojo will undergo a Myelogram, which is a procedure where they inject dye into the spinal cord to find the rupture and take pictures.  If it is a ruptured disc, he will then go into surgery immediately and then have to board at the specialists for 3-5 days. With the Myelogram, surgery and boarding, it's an estimated $6,500 to take care of our sweet Mojo. His prognosis is good, he should be able to walk again.  If the diagnosis is incorrect, more testing will be needed, possibly for a spinal fluid infection.  We are asking for what you can afford to contribute to help us fund these procedures.  Mojo will need about 6-8 weeks to recover and begin walking at a normal gait.
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