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I am genetically predisposed to periodontal disease. I've struggled with this since my teens... braces, root canals, wisdom teeth removal... gum surgery. Nothing has helped! It's gotten to the point where I need extensive dental surgery ASAP. The latest diagnosis is 60 to 80% bone loss in my lower jaw; 50% in my upper. Had I listened to dentist #1, and had all my teeth extracted, the bones would have shrunk 50% more, leaving me with NOTHING! My new dentist says most of my lower teeth are unsalvagable. The two lower in front have 100% bone loss and are only held in by "bonding"... clear plastic "glue" for lack of a better word that keeps them stuck to the teeth next to them. Roots are exposed and very sensitive. Dr. Panjali will have to do bone grafts, to make implants feasible. I'll then be fitted with prosthethis plastic temporary "teeth" while my mouth heals. THen I'll be ready for the permanent implants. GRAND TOTAL IS $25,180 for the bottom alone!!!!! I feel like I'll never smile again. I'm scared. I want to feel good and have a healthy mouth. And to continue my career talking on the radio!!!!!
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