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Sean Johnson is a 9 year old boy from Neenah WI who was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma in March of 2013. Since then he has been undergoing chemo treatments at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee on a regular basis. In June, the doctors removed the tumor on Sean's leg, which he had affectionately named Throwg. (Growth rearranged) In removing the tumor, they also had to remove part of Sean's leg, specifically the knee area, in a procedure known as a rotationplasty. You can view an example of the procedure and what Sean has undergone on Youtube by typing in rotationplasty.

With all that Sean has been through, he has kept an upbeat positive additude and is in high spirits.  He has reached milestones that the doctors said may not come for months! In fact, he has set a goal for himself to be able to walk through the school doors at the beginning of the new school year. Sean is incredibly strong and a very strong willed  boy!

This journey has been a long and difficult road for the Johnson family, especially financially. They take frequent trips to Children's Hospital. Both parents have taken time off work, and they are also raising three other boys. Sean's medical bills are extensive and his journey/treatment will be going on for many months yet. Would you consider donating to help lessen the burden on the Johnson family? You would be a true blessing to this family!
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