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My nephew Castan Schisel was born on May 21st 2013 at the Milwaukee Childrens Hospital with a heart condition known as Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. This rare disorder is the underdevelopment of the entire left side of the heart which results in blood not being pumped properly and needs to be treated with a 3 stage surgical process.

( Update as of July 19 th 2013) 
Castan has now been put on the Heart Transplant list , priority 1. He could get a heart tomorrow or a month from now, just hoping for a miracle that he becomes strong enough on his own! So please keep,this in mind as you read on. 

One week after Castan was born, which was a scheduled C-section,  he underwent the first procedure called the Norwood and is currently recovering from the initial surgery and hoping to be coming home soon! Unfortunetly it will be a short time home and he will have to make the journey back to Milwaukee for the next procedure which usually occurs at 3-6 months of age and the final at 18 months to 4 years . Even if successfully treated , children with this conditon have a high chance of health problems for the remainder of their lives..

Castan, as well as his parents, Ron and Marlena Schisel, and 3 older sisters, Mekenzie, Morgan and Maddie, have been close by his side helping him along each and every day, 3 hrs from their home in Antigo. Until he can be strong enough to come home they have been extremely focused on staying together as a family, they have been living at the Ronald Mcdonald House located directly accross the road from the hosptial. Being there a few times myself it is a live saver for families like theirs in need, they are extremely greatful for this but without Ron and Marlena being able dedicate time to the business they own together in downtown Antigo , they do not have the income they once had. I have seen first hand how their entire life has been completly turned upside down and even though we can not take away the stress and only image what they are having to endure, there are ways to help with donations to make this uncertain road a little easier for them to travel!

Please take time to look at the pictures of Castan, read up on his condition and do what you can to help him and family out!

Donations can be made directly on this website with debit or credit by clicking on the blue "Give Now" icon on the right side of the page


  you can contact the Covantage Credit Union (Castan Schisel Benifit- Act#99911)
If you choose to call the bank directly please still make a note/comment on this page knowing , with your name or if you choose to remain anonymous, just so we can keep a tally of donations earned!

723 6th Avenue
Antigo , WI 54409
Phone : 715 627-4336

Thank you!
~Auntie Shelly

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