Donations for Ryan Metro's Back Surgery and Recovery

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Beneficiary: Ryan Metro Organizer: Kurt Yaeger

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For the past two years, it has been a struggle with endless back and sciatic nerve pain due to a ruptured disc in my lower back. Without insurance due to the injury being a pre-existing condition, I have spent over $10,000 on steroid spinal injections, physical therapy, x-rays, MRIs and pain medication. After countless trips to several different doctors, they are now suggesting surgery as my best option. With surgery, I hope to be able to get back to a normal lifestyle and be able to do the things that I enjoy doing without living in pain any longer.

Please consider donating to my page to help me pay for my back surgery and recovery process.  Thank you!

*Special thanks to Kurt Yaeger for his time and effort in helping organize this fundraiser.
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