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Twenty-five-year-old Deanne Landes, known to her friends and family as Dee, is a beloved daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.  She enjoys playing soccer, spending time with friends and family, and spending summers out on the lake.  Dee graduated from Indiana University South Bend with a degree in journalism and film studies in 2012.

Since graduating, Dee's life hasn't gone the way she hoped or expected.  She saw herself in a media career and also as a world traveler, but has spent the past year in and out of hospitals due to a brain tumor. 

Dee's journey began as a routine visit to her optometrist and the doctor told her that she had swollen optic nerves.  She saw an ophthalmologist who referred her to a neurologist to get an MRI on her head to rule out a tumor.  During this time, her eyesight was getting worse to the point where she couldn't drive/see very well at night.  The MRI came back normal, but she was still dealing with the blurred vision and episodes where the muscles in her face (on the right side) would go numb and tense up.  These episodes started happening more and more as time went on, so her neurologist ordered a lumbar puncture.

Her first lumbar puncture took much longer than expected because they couldn't get much fluid, but they sent her home afterward with strict instructions to lay flat for the day.  Upon returning home, she had a horrible headache and experienced 3 of the "facial episodes" in a short period of time (these episodes would usually only happen once a week).  Dee was taken to the emergency room only to be sent home without help or a diagnosis. 

After talking it over with her family, she decided the neurologist she was seeing wasn't helping her find a diagnosis or make any progress toward a recovery, so she made an appointment with her family doctor.  Her family doctor told her that the results of the lumbar puncture came back and that they finally had a diagnosis for her - pseudotumor cerebri.  Shortly after, she had another MRI and the doctor decided her previous diagnosis was wrong and diagnosed Dee with encephalitis, putting her in the hospital for a week in September 2012 with high doses of antibiotics.

After being released from the hospital, Dee thought her life was returning to normal.  She returned to work and normal activities only to have her symptoms return within a couple months.  Some of her symptoms included debilitating headaches, double vision, nausea, and loss of appetite.  This time, her doctor referred her to a neurosurgeon in Indianapolis.

After seeing the doctor in Indianapolis, he said he would discuss her case with his team of doctors and decide on a treatment plan for her.  A week later, he called Dee and told her he wanted to perform surgery as soon as possible to put a shunt in her head to drain fluid and relieve pressure on her brain.  The doctor also wanted to perform a brain biopsy, but her brain was too swollen, so two days later she went back into surgery.  The biopsy was sent off to be analyzed and two weeks later the results came back that she had a rare brain tumor on her right frontal lobe known as an oligodendroglioma.
She went back to Indianapolis on May 6, 2013 for surgery to remove the brain tumor.  Unfortunately, the tumor was not a mass, but rather a "mossy" growth that had "fingers" that extended into her brain.  The doctor was unable to remove all of the tumor and informed her family that the type of tumor she has will never go away.  Her neurosurgeon has informed her that the life expectancy for someone with this type of tumor after they have been diagnosed is about 10 years.

On August 4, 2014, Dee was admitted back into the hospital in Indianapolis due to a pocket of fluid that had accumulated around her brain near her right ear.  She had the fluid drained and a new shunt put in and was sent home after a week in the hospital.  However, the day after she got home from the hospital, she had a stroke and lost all function on the left side of her body.  She was transferred back to the hospital in Indianapolis via ambulance.  Doctors discovered that the stroke was caused from her tumor growing back and putting excess pressure on her brain.  She will be transferred to a rehabilitation hospital in Fort Wayne soon to start physical therapy and will begin receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments to try and stop the tumor from growing. 
Dee is an extremely independent individual who would much rather spend her time worrying about and caring for others than having anyone focus their attention on her.  Please consider contributing to her cause and spread the word about Dee. 

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