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Coming Together for George and the Jennings Family

$37,319raised of $100,000 goal

Organizer: Len Jennings, Kevin Jennings, Lee Thoresen and Gareth Hancock Beneficiary: George Jennings

Friends and family are uniting to support the Jennings family.

This fundraiser is closed
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As many of you know, George has been diagnosed with brain cancer, specifically, high grade glioblastoma.  Many have asked what they can do to help. In response, we have created this site tprovide folks with a way to assist the Jennings family so that they may focus on the ultimate goal of making George well.

George and Cindy will be spending the next few months away from home in Rochester, MN, so that George can recover from surgery in preparation for a 6-week course of radiation and chemotherapy. We are asking those who feel comfortable to make a donation that will go towards the medical bills and out-of-pocket costs associated with George's treatment.
You can find more information on George's progress at

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