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November 5, 2012, Chad was admitted to the hospital for a severe pneumonia. November 10 he had a thoracotomy to clear the pneumonia and tumors were found in his lungs. After the biopsy was confirmed, he was diagnosed with a Ewing Sarcoma. Due to the fact his cancer is so rare, he had to travel to Boston to the Dana Farber Institute for a treatment plan. While traveling to Boston, he developed three Pulmonary Embolisms, and was admitted to the ICU upon return home to WI. He was placed on a ventilator, and put into a medically induced coma. After three weeks, he received a tracheotomy, and a PEG tube. With lots of prayers and Chad's continued fight, he was able to wake up, be weaned off the ventilator, and have the Trache removed. He also began chemotherapy while in the ICU. After 6 rounds of VAC and a partial response, his chemo was swtiched to IE. He was also evaulated for surgery. After 4 cycles of IE, with little response, Chad flew to Boston for an extra plural pneumonectomy. With little chance of a cure without surgery, he allowed an amazing team of doctors remove his right lung and chest lining. Chad had a rocky but sucessful recovery from surgery. Unfortunately, after surgery, cancer was found in the left chest cavity. He than began a new chemo regiment, which had no sucess as killing this disease. Chad's cancer had spread throughout his upper body, and he was diagnosed as terminal. 

Currently, he has months to live, but is still getting chemo. They found a new regiment, that has seemed to have some response. Chad will keep fighting, and we will keep praying for our miracle! 
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