Braelyn's Battle

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On September the 16th, little Braelyn was taken to the pediatrician by her concerned mother, Kristin, to get checked out for what the family hoped and suspected was simply a viral infection taking its time moving on. The doctor offered some reassurances, but took blood and had it sent to the lab immediately, just to be on the safe side. Later that day, the results from that blood work came in and changed the lives of Braelyn and everyone who knows her forever. 

Braelyn was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, or ALL, a fast-growing cancer of a type of white blood cell known as lymphocites. The family was rushed to Primary Children's Medical Center that very night and began a whirlwind of procedures and treatments in order to give this sweet baby girl her best fighting chance. In just the last month and a half, Braelyn has already undergone intensive medical treatment including steroid therapy, chemotherapy, surgeries, and several middle-of-the-night emergency hospital trips. 

Braelyn's prognosis at this point is very good. ALL has an excellent treatment track record, and with proper care and vigilance there is still a great chance that this little girl will go on to live a normal life. But the treatments are taking their toll on the whole family, and we all continue to hope, watch and pray daily for each of them. Braelyn is most closely supported by her parents, Kristin and Steven and by her amazingly suportive and loving big sister, six-year-old Danica. She also has a network of grandparents, relatives, friends and community members rallying to do what they can in order to help everyone make it to the next phase. 

The treatment is long, taxing (both physically and emotionally) and most pressing at the moment, expensive. Even with medical insurance, the bills are coming and adding up quickly, and they've just gotten started. We are working hard to raise money to help cover the costs associated with Braelyn's treatment and medications and are looking for the support of any person willing and able to help. The initial goal for this fundraiser is $5,000, just to get us started; but we would love to blow that out of the water, and perhaps extend our goal in the future. This family is looking at many expenses for the next several years and any help that can be given is very much appreciated. We want to thank everyone that takes the time to read Braelyn's story, and thank you for the genrosity being shown. Your donations, thoughts, well wishes and prayers are very much appreciated by Braelyn's family and all of us who know and love them. Please check this page for updates on Braelyn's progress.

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