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Beneficiary: Leslie and Richard Low Organizer: Emily Walton

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In September 2013 the Lows were surprised to discover they had conceived rare spontaneous (no invitro) triplets!  The boys were born healthy at 34 weeks - Thomas, Mason and Luke.

In February Richard noticed Mason had an abnormally shaped pupil.  Upon further examinations at the Dr., they discovered Mason had a rare condition - retinoblastoma, eye cancer.  Which was totally unrelated to the abnormally shaped pupil.

The Dr. asked them to bring back all the triplets the following day for an appointment with an oncologist.  It was discovered that not only did Mason have 2 tumors, but all 3 babies have retinoblastoma.

More than anything - they ask for your prayers.  They believe in a Father in Heaven that is watching over them, and bringing them peace and tender mercies along the way. One of which, is they feel so fortunate to have caught it early.  The triplets are only 3 months old.

Retinoblastoma is rare, and as such, we haven't been given a set timeline for treatment.  In that it is agressive, we know they like to treat it quickly.  From other experiences we've read, it could be a 3 week initial stay in Toronto, followed by visits every 2 weeks.

Feel free to follow their family blog here:

We are overwhelmed with the generosity, love and support that has been shown to Leslie and Richard and their sweet family.  So many kind offers, donations, and heartfelt emails have poured in.  Thank you.  We didn't realize how quickly this story would spread, and how generous people would be.  We've learned to never underestimate the good people in this world!

We want to restate, the thing the Low's ask for the very most are prayers.  They have great faith that Heavenly Father is watching over them and their situation.  The emails of support and encouragement and understanding are really buoying them.  Thank you for being so thoughtful.

We don't want people to feel like they need to donate.  We have learned a few comforting things, such that, Alberta will help them get to and from Toronto.  We are unsure of the prognosis and length of treatment at this point.

We know there are so many others, less fortunate, who haven't been a recipient to such an overwhelming goodness of mankind.

We think it only fair that any extra funds that are raised and not used during the Lows treatment, will be shared with other children also fighting Retinoblastoma.
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