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 Jayden LaSpada is an 12 girl from Palm Harbor, FL who was recently diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. Her issues began when she complained of a pain in her neck during cheer practice and sought out treatment for a routine sports injury. Within a matter of days from the MRI we found out she had a tumor in her neck.

 She underwent surgery at All Children's hospital in late February to remove the tumor in her cervical spine which had completely compressed her spinal chord. After part of the tumor was removed her chord went back in place and was relieved of the pain down her arms and shoulders. A portion of the tumor still remains trapped around the vertebral artery. The remainder of the tumor cannot be extracted surgically and she must undergo chemotherapy and radiation. She also had to undergo a neck fusion to fix her spine just recently.

 Jayden began her first round of chemo in the middle of March and currently has 3 treatments left before she will be complete. After her treatments she will need to recover and then she begins phase 2 which is another spinal fusion from C7-T2.

 Jayden has a long road ahead of her and will not be completely cured until she is scanned quarterly for the next five years before she is in complete remission. After her surgery she will have to undergo physical therapy to help her with the pain in her neck, flexibility, and from all of her surgeries.

We ask for your support and prayers as Jayden begins her journey and road to recovery to beat her cancer.

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