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Organizer: BabyFit October 2007 Mommies Beneficiary: Alison Reburn

Alison is an amazing mother of two beautiful young children.  She is a passionate ambassador for the health and happiness of her friends, family, and herself.  She is thoughtful, generous, and selfless.  And as if that’s not enough, she is also a breast cancer survivor.  She kicked stage 3C breast cancer in its teeth in less than a year.  During her battle with breast cancer in 2012, the elephant became her symbol of courage and strength.  When she was pronounced cancer-free in September 2012, we all hoped that her elephant would never have to do battle again.  Unfortunately, the cancer has now returned, and has been found widespread in her bones.  The doctors say it's treatable, but not curable.  We say it's both.  We know Alison.  We are her herd. 

We are humbly asking for donations on her behalf.  The money raised will be put toward medical expenses, associated travel expenses, healthy whole foods to fuel her fight, and maybe even a few priceless memories for the family along the way.  Additionally, the family's century-old home has a potential mold problem and is in desperate need of a new roof.  Some of the money raised will be used to correct these issues and provide the best possible environment for Alison's recovery.  But this is not only a fund raiser.  It is also a hope raiser.  Therefore, we accept payment in any form: money, prayers, positive thoughts, and healing energy.  You can also help spread the word by using the social media buttons at right.  So even if you have no money to spare for Alison and her family at the moment, perhaps you can give in some other way.  

Alison has a rough battle ahead of her.  The odds may not be in her favor, but we stand beside her in strength and solidarity.  She will not fight alone.  Join us in her herd, and help us imbue her with the strength of a million elephants.

**  Be sure to check the Updates tab above for the latest on Alison's treatment progress! **

Alison and her amazing husband, Ben, live in a small town in Minnesota with their two small children.  Ben is an IT specialist in the local school system.  Max is 6 years old, and a fantastic big brother to sweet and clever Ayla, who is almost 4.  Money donated is deposited directly into Ben and Alison's PayPal account, and YouCaring charges no fees or surcharges on the amount raised.  Thank you so much for your visit!


by BabyFit October 2007 Mommies

We have such wonderful news to share!  Read Alison's most recent update below.

     "Yesterday I went in for a PET scan to restage with the hope that if the disease showed improvement or, at the very least, no progression, I would be able to take a break from chemo. My bone marrow has been hit hard by the chemo and hasn't been keeping up (thus the transfusions), and it has really been taking its toll.

      "When I went in for the results today, I was blown away by the news that there was absolutely no evidence of cancer on the scan! While chemo has been using my bone marrow, tummy, and hair as a punching bag, it has apparently also been busy kicking the cancer.

      "This means while there is likely still cancer floating around in my body (it takes a tumor of one billion cells to show up on a scan), hopefully the remaining cancer is the slow-growing kind that can be treated with hormonal therapy for at least a little while. I'm trading in chemo for one aromatase inhibitor (anti-estrogen pill) a day and hopefully a summer full of fun. I'm thrilled to have some time off, and am very hopeful that it can be a good long time before I need chemo again."

Our prayers were answered and the healing energy is working!  Please keep your support pouring in, no matter what form it takes.  Alison's fight is not over, but at least she has been given the gift of energy and a chance at a wonderful summer spent with her family.  

The Reburns hope to take a vacation to see some old friends and to make some awesome memories.  So please keep them in mind if you have a few extra dollars in your pocket.  They are so very grateful for everything Alison's Herd has done to support her thus far.  We are many, and we are mighty!  Thank you for being a part of her healing process and such a blessing in her life.  We love you! 

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by BabyFit October 2007 Mommies
Alison's most recent update is below!  Thank you for checking in on her.  We hope you had a wonderful Easter and that beautiful spring weather has found you!  

"My day of appointments yesterday was uneventful and smooth. I love those days!

I met with my doctor and let her know that I was having a bit of cancer-like pain a couple of weeks ago and was skeptical about going off of chemo after this cycle. We are both hoping that the brief pain was related to my hormones being messed up from having my ovaries out and are planning on scanning before my next cycle (in three weeks) as planned. My tumor markers from two weeks ago are very encouraging. They are finally down in the double digits (77--normal person is under 38) from over 300! I asked to have them tested next week to make sure the pain I was feeling a couple weeks ago hasn't pushed them back up in the meantime. I'm very hopeful!

My white blood count was low, so I just got a half dose of Gemzar again, but it was actually a bit higher than last time, so I know that week off is helping. If it's lower next week, I'll come back in for a shot of Nulasta (helps white counts) the next day just to be safe. My hemoglobin is on its way back down so I may be looking at more blood soon, which I will gladly take this time knowing how much it helped before!

I got more good news in a call from the geneticist yesterday morning. Two years ago my testing was negative for BRCA genes, and now they have a bunch more genes they can test in one big panel test. Mine were all negative for known abnormalities that can cause breast cancer and other cancers. This is good news for me and for everyone in my family. It's still recommended that my daughter starts screening 5-10 years before the age of my diagnosis which was at 28, just because breast cancer in younger women is so unusual (though less so than most would think), and all genetic variables have not been discovered or even explored yet.  But it does mean that my older female relatives probably have no reason for concern and that my children probably don't, either.

I think that's it for this time. Short and sweet!"

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by BabyFit October 2007 Mommies
Alison is winning! She shared her PET scans with us this week. We were all so amazed at the incredible difference between her scan in January (white with bone metastasis) and the one taken this month (black where it should be, almost entirely). It’s amazing to be able to physically SEE how well the treatments have been working. She accepted a blood transfusion on Friday and will likely have her ovaries out this week, as you will read in her update below.

       "I've been pretty quiet lately, and the reason is that anemia has been kicking my butt. A couple weeks ago, I was offered a blood transfusion. I declined, thinking I'd work on my iron myself, test again in a week and see where I was. A week later, my hemoglobin was even lower, so a full iron work-up was ordered. It turns out that my iron is actually very high, probably in response to the disease leaving my body so quickly, but my hemoglobin had dropped yet again. By this point I was having trouble lifting myself out of bed, getting dressed, and climbing stairs. I practically begged for a blood transfusion yesterday, but there was some concern about adding more iron to my blood. I had a consult with a specialist, and because my iron levels had been normal not that long ago, he thought that iron overload was not a concern at this point and that I needed the blood more than anything. He called my doctor, and between the two of them and some wonderful scheduling people, I was booked for an hour later! I actually got in 40 minutes early, because really, who wants a four hour transfusion on Friday evening (besides this girl!)? Halfway through the first unit my toes were wigging. By the end of the first unit, I felt more awake. By the end of the second, I was ready for a fun-filled weekend with friends and a visit from my momma! In other news, I'll take a short break from chemo to have my pesky ovaries out. This will be the first step in hormonal therapy, and important if I get to take a break from chemo at some point in the future, or if chemotherapy becomes ineffective and I have to transition to hormonal therapy as my primary treatment."

Isn’t that fantastic? She also told us that her pain is pretty much gone now, so she is predicting that her next scan will be even better. We are so grateful for all of your love and support—in whatever form—throughout Alison’s battle. Because of you, she can focus on healing without added worry of financial strain on her family. We hope that the blessings you have given to Alison and her family will find their way back to you tenfold. Her battle continues, though, so please keep the prayers and support pouring in. They are working! We have seen it with our own eyes!

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by BabyFit October 2007 Mommies

Alison and her family said goodbye to her hair today, and they took pictures to share the experience.  You can read Alison’s note about the “Hair Festival” below, and be sure to check out the new pictures.  Hair or none, she is absolutely gorgeous! 


     “Today was my last day with hair!  The kids called it our Hair Festival.  They got to color it with hair chalk, and then they each took a turn shaving their own sides.  They lost interest quickly, though, so I had a Mohawk for a few minutes.  Then the razor died with just a tuft left at the front of my head.  That was funny!  I was wondering how long I’d have to have it there while the razor recharged, but Ben’s beard trimmer came to the rescue.  I feel so much better now that it’s gone.  I was holding on as long as I could, but having to change the pillowcase every day and waking up with hair caked to my face, mouth, and eyes was miserable.  Shaving it all off was liberating.  The only downside is how chilly I am now!”


Thanks for checking in on our fighter!  Please keep the prayers, shares, and love pouring in! 

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by BabyFit October 2007 Mommies

Alison went back to Mayo early today for some tests and more chemo treatment.   It was a very long and stressful day, as they piled more tests on her to rule out possibilities stemming from some abnormal results.   Before Alison left, her doctor remained positive, but also realistic, telling her that the abnormal results might indicate that another type of chemo would be necessary.   But in the end, she got wonderful news!  Read Alison’s words below:

      “I was remaining positive as my mom and I left the clinic and drove to the yarn shop to get the yarn I need for a hat I want to complete before my hair falls out. As we pulled out, I got a phone call from my doctor. She immediately, and very solemnly, asked me if I was sitting down. I said yes, I'm in the car, fortifying myself for really bad news given her intro. She followed up with a bunch of technical jargon, saying that the tumors have shown incredible reduction, blah, blah, blah. I immediately started crying--I mean sobbing even more than when I got the bad cancer news. Meanwhile, I scared the living daylights out of Mom--I'm sure she thought I had less than a week to live given my uncontrolled, emotional response!  So I'm trying to give her the thumbs up while I'm sobbing so she knows it's good news!  Before hanging up, my doctor helped solidify in my mind that this is really good news.  And in the end, IT'S REALLY GOOD NEWS!! TREATMENT IS WORKING!!! I was emotional, so I don't remember a lot of what my doctor said, but I do remember that she said she was so happy, congratulated me, and said the difference in the scans from the beginning of January to today is ‘ and white. Literally black and white.’   I do have a bunch of random appointments for peripheral issues (pain, etc) in the next few weeks, but the bottom line is treatment is working and that is all that really matters right now!!”

Alison is eternally grateful for the financial assistance and hope you have selflessly given to her and her family!  And in case you missed it, our dear Alison was featured on her local news this past week!  You can watch the video here:  Needless to say, a huge “Thank you” goes out to Rochester’s KTTC for their coverage and public support of Alison’s fight. 


Alison is fighting a tough battle, but she was absolutely right a few weeks ago when she said she felt like she had turned a corner for the better.  She's on the winning end now, and she plans to stay there!  Please continue to pray, share, and give when you can!  Alison’s herd is growing by the day thanks to your efforts! 

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by BabyFit October 2007 Mommies

We are so humbled, and Alison is so inspired to see so much love and support pouring in from all over the world!  And we have good news to report!  Alison just received her second dose of the new chemo cocktail this week, and so far her symptoms have improved and her spirits are high!  She says she can feel this stuff working and believes she has turned a corner for the better.  She also had some reassuring test results today, which we believe indicate that she has found her rhythm and is full-on battle mode.  Please keep sharing and giving when you are able--our dear friend has the fight of her life ahead of her.  Thanks to you, Alison can focus on healing, and her family has been able to spend quality time with her instead of worrying as much about finances.  And the financial need is still there--just this week, the family has had to visit Mayo Clinic 3 times--and it's only Wednesday!   

We love you for joining her herd!  Let's continue our stampede against Alison's cancer and lift her up into health!  Many blessings to you all!  

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by BabyFit October 2007 Mommies
Alison recently had some tests done to evaluate the effectiveness of the chemo she has been taking.  Unfortunately, it seems that her cancer isn't responding to it.  Please read her update below:

My MRI came back looking fine--nothing compressing my spine causing weakness or pain--but my tumor markers have tripled since last check. This means that the cancer is more aggressive than expected and that the Xeloda isn't working. My doctors are recommending I start on a new class of chemo that my cancer hasn't seen yet. I will be scheduled for the next available appointment and I should start chemo the same day. They will try to follow disease progress with hip x-rays since that seems to be where my pain is concentrated. Not good news, but there are still more treatment options to go

Please join us in praying that the next chemotherapy drugs are effective in fighting her cancer, and that she is strong and comfortable throughout her fight!  This chemo regimen will involve more frequent trips to the hospital for administration and check-ups, so please keep sharing this fundraiser.  Every dollar is appreciated, and every donation is a demonstration of love and support for her and her family.  Thank you so much for being a member of her herd!   
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by BabyFit October 2007 Mommies
Alison met with her doctors today.  Her cancer is agressive enough that they want to start her on chemotherapy as soon as possible.  She will start in the next day or so.  Please keep the prayers, shares, and donations--however great or small--pouring in!  If you'd like to leave Alison and her family a note of well-wishes or blessings, please feel free to do so on this site under "Comments".  Words of encouragement and hope are priceless as her battle begins again.  Blessings, love, and gratitude to you from all of the members of her loving herd!  
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by BabyFit October 2007 Mommies
What a wonderful day!  We have already raised $600, AND Alison just posted this status on FB:

"Good news! I just got a call with my biopsy results, and the results are as good as could be hoped for! It is breast cancer in the bones, it is ER+, and is is HER2 negative. This means that it is the same cancer that responded well to treatment last time, and because it is estrogen sensitive, we have more treatment options. With this news, there comes more and more hope that I have many more years ahead of me, AND that I will be able to feel better and live life more fully I have an appointment first thing Monday morning to start treatment plans. Let's GO!"

Let's go, indeed!  Please give if you can, and SHARE this wonderful news.  Every dollar counts for this amazing woman!  We love to see how the Herd is growing!

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