Be an Elephant for Alison! Join Us in Her Healing Herd.

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Beneficiary: Alison Reburn Organizer: BabyFit October 2007 Mommies

Alison is an amazing mother of two beautiful young children.  She is a passionate ambassador for the health and happiness of her friends, family, and herself.  She is thoughtful, generous, and selfless.  And as if that’s not enough, she is also a breast cancer survivor.  She kicked stage 3C breast cancer in its teeth in less than a year.  During her battle with breast cancer in 2012, the elephant became her symbol of courage and strength.  When she was pronounced cancer-free in September 2012, we all hoped that her elephant would never have to do battle again.  Unfortunately, the cancer has now returned, and has been found widespread in her bones.  The doctors say it's treatable, but not curable.  We say it's both.  We know Alison.  We are her herd. 

We are humbly asking for donations on her behalf.  The money raised will be put toward medical expenses, associated travel expenses, healthy whole foods to fuel her fight, and maybe even a few priceless memories for the family along the way.  Additionally, the family's century-old home has a potential mold problem and is in desperate need of a new roof.  Some of the money raised will be used to correct these issues and provide the best possible environment for Alison's recovery.  But this is not only a fund raiser.  It is also a hope raiser.  Therefore, we accept payment in any form: money, prayers, positive thoughts, and healing energy.  You can also help spread the word by using the social media buttons at right.  So even if you have no money to spare for Alison and her family at the moment, perhaps you can give in some other way.  

Alison has a rough battle ahead of her.  The odds may not be in her favor, but we stand beside her in strength and solidarity.  She will not fight alone.  Join us in her herd, and help us imbue her with the strength of a million elephants.

**  Be sure to check the Updates tab above for the latest on Alison's treatment progress! **

Alison and her amazing husband, Ben, live in a small town in Minnesota with their two small children.  Ben is an IT specialist in the local school system.  Max is 6 years old, and a fantastic big brother to sweet and clever Ayla, who is almost 4.  Money donated is deposited directly into Ben and Alison's PayPal account, and YouCaring charges no fees or surcharges on the amount raised.  Thank you so much for your visit!
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