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Atlanta's Good Samaritan Dad

$2,050raised of $2,000 goal

Organizer: Monica Bisgaard Beneficiary: The Harrisons, A Great Atlanta Family

Please help this "Very good man who was just trying to help someone else."

This fundraiser is closed
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I am thrilled to report that we have met our goal! The Harrison family would like to thank you all for your support! Evan is doing very well and the family has asked that we close the fundraiser. We look forward to hearing BIG things from Evan! A tremendous thanks to you all! 

AFTER 3 WEEKS IN INTENSIVE CARE, 2 YEAR OLD EVAN IS BEING RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL TODAY JULY 16, 2013! He now faces months of physical and occupational therapy. The Harrison's need your help now more than ever! Congratulations Evan, Nina and Jermaine! 

On Wednesday, June 26th an average citizen, Jermaine Harrison, went to the aide of a stranger who had been mugged outside of an Atlanta area bank. By today's standards, this average man did an extraordinary thing. Jermaine jumped out of his car, caught the thief and was holding him until authorities arrived. Unfortunately, the thief took out a gun and fired a dozen shots into a car where Mr. Harrison's wife, Nina, and their 2 year son, Evan, sat. The Evan was critically wounded and is now fighting for his life at an Atlanta hospital. This family is facing tremendous challenges won't you join me in helping this brave Samaritan and his family. As one witness stated, "He was a very good man who was just trying to help someone else." DONATIONS CAN BE MADE ANONOMOUSLY AND START AT JUST $3.00 Join us to thank Jermaine Harrison for demonstrating what good citizenship is all about.
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by Monica Bisgaard
We broke through the $2000 level! Thank you to all of you!!!!

by Monica Bisgaard
PLEASE watch this uplifting press conference!

by Monica Bisgaard
Thank you to our amazing supporters! 

by Monica Bisgaard
AFTER 3 WEEKS IN INTENSIVE CARE, 2 YEAR OLD EVEN IS BEING RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL TODAY JULY 16, 2013! He now faces months of physical and occupational therapy. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GIFTS! The Harrison family is truly touched by your generousity. You will truly make a difference for this family! 

by Monica Bisgaard
GREAT NEWS! Evans Mother and father report that he is "recovering nicely"! 

by Monica Bisgaard
The community has rallied and donations are coming in! Thank you to each and every one of you for joining me in this important effort! 

by Monica Bisgaard
A message from Evan's parents:

"Evan continues to improve.  We did about 5 mins of rehab today. He wasn't having it, lol.  He has to build his strength back to walk, sit up, etc.  He hs been extra fussy lately, which is a sign of getting better.   We are blessed to be blessed."

by Monica Bisgaard
Happy to report that little Evan is out of ICU! He has quite a road ahead of him, but we know that he will make us all proud! Congratulations Nina and Jermaine! 

by Monica Bisgaard
Thank you all for the tremendous momentum of giving for Jermaine and Nina Harrison, the parents of two year old Evan. Evan remains in the capable hands of the doctors and medical staff at Egleston Hospital. The Harrisons are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support as the focus all of their energy on Evan. He is a strong little boy, but he faces so much on his road to healing. Jermanine and Nina are breathing a sigh of relief since the suspect in this case has turned himself into police. Thank you for your support!

by Monica Bisgaard
Little Evan had a good night and went in for sugery this morning. The doctors are checking for any signs of infection...We are so appreciative of your support! Please keep this family in your positive thoughts! 

by Monica Bisgaard
The shooter has been identified....





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