Angels For Ian

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Beneficiary: Summer Lanette Brown Organizer: Pamela Brown

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Monday Dec. 16, 2013 My Nephew 3 year old Charles Ian Greene was playing with his older brother when an accident happened as Ian climbed on a Dresser...A TV fell off and landed directly on Ian's face and head. He is severely injured. Every bone in his face is broken and the doctors has described his head like an egg that has been cracked open from front to back, he has brain fluid leaking out of his head. Ian has been bleeding from his ears and now into his stomach. They have kept him sedated and on a breathing machine as well as other medications until last night. The doctors took him off of everything and started running test and proceeded to tell My sister Summer which is his mother that he has permanet brain damage. They have not told us much of anything else yet.  He is still very much in the woods. He needs all the prayers we all could ever pray and he needs a miracle. Christmas is about miracles thats why he was born on December 28,2009. He was born premature and was in ICU for weeks where he faught a good fight to be here! He has it in him to be a fighter and the will to live he proved that to all of us when he was born:  now almost on his birthday he is fighting that fight again. Ian and his family need all your help , support and prayers that you spare...Will you Be an Angel for Ian????
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