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Beneficiary: Alex Davidson and The Davidson Family Organizer: The Angels Among Us

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Sometimes God sends angels here to accomplish certain goals and then there are other kinds of angels that when they have completed those purposes, He calls them home early. Some angels are better at their missions than others and He calls them home before we humans are ready for them to go. Alex Davidson is one of those angels.

Alex Davidson was a BEAUTIFUL vibrant and very sweet little girl. Even though she could be stubborn at times, she could always flash those beautiful eyes and that sparkly grin and turn the table and make everything ok. About the time Alex was 11 years old, she started to experience some "Stomach issues" by the time she was entering High School, after making the Cheerleading Squad, she could not even cheer at one game. You see Alex developed Crohn's Disease, a disease most people associate with older people.

Alex spent summers at Crohn's Camp and fell in love with it and eventually became a counselor. She poured her heart and soul into helping others affected by the disease that is now taking her life.

At 20, she has now spent more than half of her life sick. She has spent more than 2000 days in the hospital and has had numerous operations that has left her with a body that is fragile and just doesn't allow her to do many of the things that Alex would love to. While her head tells her that she is a 20 year old, her body just won't do those things anymore.

Alex has now been placed into hospice care. The hospital bed delivered and the family tried moving into a bigger home to accomodate the hospital bed and equipment that Alex would need to be comfortable, not ot mentin the many visitors that would come to show their love.

When they found the "new" home, Alex told her mother that this was "it". This was where she wanted to spend her last days. The family has moved, unpacked and was preparing to go ahead and prepare the house for the holidays so that they could celebrate early if they needed to. Instead they are now having problems from the owner (who was aware of the situation) and now are being forced to move out in a matter of days. The details are insane and at this point, irrelevant.

Bottom line, the family needs help finding a new place and help with all of the moving expenses. They are not ones to ask for help and are having a hard time with the outpouring of love that they are receiving. But would like to let all of you know just how much they appreciate all that you are wanting to do.  This site has been set up so that there is a way for everyone to help.

Please pray for this family and that they all can be at peace during the most difficult time they will ever experience. Losing a child is hardest thing a parent should never have to do.

May God Bless You for Being One of The Angels Among Us!
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