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On January 10, 2014, Amy came home from school reporting that she didn't feel well at school and she had gone to the nurse. Friday night she barely slept and kept coming into her parents' room saying her chest hurt. Her mother had brought her to the doctor twice this fall for this chest pain. Her pediatrician had diagnosed it as costochondritis (growing pains).

Saturday morning, Amy had a low grade fever so her mother brought her to the doctor again. The doctor thought it was the start of a virus. Susan asked if they should get an X-ray (they had suggested this at a previous appointment but didn't think it would show anything). The doctor said they might as well do the X-ray.

Following the X-ray she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Her mother asked if the pneumonia could have been lurking since the fall and the doctor said that no, this was probably unrelated. This diagnosis didn't seem 100% right to Susan as Amy insisted it was the same pain all along. But they started on antibiotics anyway. She spent all weekend laying down watching movies. Her condition did not improve with the antibiotics. Susan kept calling the doctor and they kept telling her to give it 12 more hours. By Monday morning, Susan knew they had to go back in. She called at 6:30 am so that she could be sure to speak directly to the on-call doctor. He wanted them to come in first thing that morning. He ordered an ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed a nodule, and he told the family to go directly to the ER at Children's Hospital in Boston. 

They arrived at around 5pm Monday evening and after repeating X-rays and ultrasounds Amy was admitted to the ICU. They still believed it was pneumonia and Tuesday morning they surgically removed fluid from her left lung. Pathology revealed no infection in the fluid which was cause for alarm as they were not sure why the fluid had collected.

On Tuesday afternoon a CT scan revealed a mass in her chest. Wednesday it was biopsied. Thursday it was confirmed to be cancer, and Friday it was classified as rhabdomyosarcoma. Friday night Amy had her first dose of chemotherapy.

Amy has two younger brothers, Thatcher and Hunter, who love her dearly.  Amy loves to read and play with her American Girl dolls.  She has a deeply empathic heart and is frequently thinking up clever ways to raise money for school children in Haiti for an organization called, "Help for Haiti."

Thank you for praying for Amy and her family. Your support will help to defray medical-related expenses and allow the family to focus on Amy's full recovery. The money from this fund will help the Kindstedts pay for hotel expenses, travel to and from the hospital, the insurance deductible, medicines and procedures not covered by insurance, food, and all of the other countless expenses that are popping up because of this medical crisis. Thank you for being a part of Amy's Team! 
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