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Amy was on her annual camping vacation at the Pinery Provincial Park, near Grand Bend, Ont. when a rainstorm suddenly became a tornado. There was no warning; it happened lightning quick. A massive tree crushed Amy, who was sitting at a picnic table under a tarp, holding her 5-year-old son. Amazingly, her son sustained no injuries, however, Amy suffered a broken pelvis, a shattered sacrum, and internal bleeding. She was taken to a local hospital first, and then sent on to London Victoria hospital, where she underwent surgery 48 hours later. There may be more surgery ahead.

Amy runs two businesses from home; daily after-school care for a number of local children and a one-of-a-kind childrens clothing company ( which she founded with her sister, Holly. She does not have the luxury of sick benefits, accidental coverage or adequate savings to see her through the upcoming rehab process.

There is much challenge ahead for Amy and we, her friends and family who will do whatever we can, are reaching out for financial assistance. This has been an expensive crisis already, with immediate family temporarily relocating to London to support her recovery. It will be some weeks before Amy is able to return to Toronto and at least 3 months before she is able to start walking again. Upon Amy's release from the hospital, we will need to find alternate living arrangements for her as she will be unable to handle the stairs to her second floor apartment for quite some time.

We are reaching out to anyone who is willing and able to make a contribution of any size. Please know that your donation will be received with deep gratitude, and will be carefully spent.


by Ayshia Ceelen
Hello there, it's Amy. I wanted to reach out and connect with all of you who have generously offered tremendous support. Your encouragement, love and assistance has not only provided me with the means I will need to make a full recovery but the emotional strength to make that happen. I am astounded at the amount of caring and am inexplicably grateful and indebted to you all. 

Your donations have already helped with various medical costs and living expenses. I will be spending some time in in-patient rehab come November with the goal of walking again. It is upon my release from there that your support will be most greatly used, covering the extensive rehab I will need to make the strongest and fullest recovery I can. For this, I truly could never thank you enough!!

I have been back in toronto for two weeks, landing in convelesent care while making preparations with my family and a team here to move into and receive care at my mother's where I can live with my little boy again! 

I am so lucky to be surrounded and held by my family and such loving people who have gone above and beyond anything I could hope for!

After I settle into my mothers this Friday I will look forward to all those who have been wanting to visit. Can't wait to see you friends!


by Ayshia Ceelen

Hello everyone. First I need to express my deepest gratitude for the outpouring of support that has come through your well wishes, your unbelievably generous donations, and your constant reminders of love and thoughtfulness. I’m not even sure where to start this update. I wish there had been time to write every day so far, as each day has been filled with events and feelings that many people have probably been curious about. Unfortunately there really has not been an available moment until now. But I must tell you, it’s all your love and support that has kept our spirits out of dark places. 


So the update: In the last several days we have moved out of crisis mode. Thankfully, because I don’t think Amy (or any of us) could have handled any more of it. For a little over the first week it was constant management of Amy’s pain. The pain meds never seemed to come often enough, and the effects of them made her brutally nauseous. For days she was writhing around while also throwing up every hour or so, except she had nothing in her stomach. Then came the migraines, which lasted for 4-5 days with only an hour or two of a break from time to time. And hanging over all of this was the uncertainty of exactly how severe her injury was. And waiting seemingly forever for each surgery and wondering what each would entail. Having to have her body moved every time a new test was ordered became a panic for her and the rest of us, as the aftermath of shifting her body with all of its broken bones, took hours. While she was in surgery, it was a small break from the constant care tasks, like moving her legs a centimetre at a time just to relieve a bit of pain, but the constant care was substituted with frantic worry and fear, waiting to find out how it went. After the first surgery, the surgeon told us that there is only a 50% survival rate from an injury as severe as Amy’s and that she was in the good 50%. We felt thankful that they waited to tell us that. Both surgeries went well, better than expected, but now the long haul of recovery begins. Currently, she has an “external fixation,” which is basically stabilizing rods that are screwed into her pelvis and protrude from her hips, joining together across her abdomen - sci fi? Yes. For the next three months she will be wearing this contraption while her bones fuse back together. During this time she cannot bear any weight on her legs. Translation: She will live in bed for the next three months. Because she needs constant personal care still, she will have to enter a convalescent home for that period or possibly a family member’s home, (which would need all of the required medical equipment purchased or rented and to be adapted for accessibility needs) or both. After the three months of rest, Amy will be transferred to a rehab centre with the goal of climbing stairs. The estimates for this goal range from two to three months.


Now is the part where we have to call/meet with social workers, Community Care Access Centre, doctors, rehab homes and therapists, and figure out where to go from here. We feel as though we’ve entered phase two, but it’s a long complicated one, and we’re kind of feeling our way in the dark. Finding answers about care, figuring out access to funding, etc., requires many phone calls, sometimes to the same place three times for three different answers - the truth is, we have no accurate idea of what lies ahead, logistically or financially. Though the first three months are not without their own financial challenges, it is once she leaves rehab that her financial needs will be greatest, and where your donations will help most. This is because it appears that OHIP only covers medical needs while a person is in a care facility, most of her rehab costs after this point will come out of pocket. During the next 6 months in total, day-to-day needs such as personal care, meal preparation, and child-care will be a consistent aspect of Amy’s needs which will be the most financially draining. It is your donations that have given us the peace of mind that she will have the care she needs to recover fully. 


Last week, we raised the financial goal amount substantially. At that time, we were even more in the dark and, well, panicking. We still believe that the total cost will end up being in the $30,000-$40,000 range, however, we do not feel like setting that goal at this time makes sense based on the variables. We feel that raising funds through other means, like an event or two, might be the best way to move forward in the upcoming months. For that reason, we have decided to bring the financial goal on this website back down to $25,000. We want to stress (stress, stress!) that everyone’s donations have left us feeling so relieved – that this goal of $25,000 is an enormous accomplishment and that you have all contributed to us reaching it is impressive and truly amazing! People have come out of the woodwork to help out. From old childhood friends to complete strangers, we have had offerings from so many. Through a facebook friend we have even been housed while in London at A Bed and Breakfast owned by a woman who I now consider a friend. Thank you so very much and I will update again when we know a little bit more.

 Much love to everyone,
Holly xoxo

by Ayshia Ceelen

After 2 surgeries, more discussions with the doctors, and a fantastic network of people offering all sorts of information about Amy’s upcoming needs, we have come up with a estimated budget that should allow Amy and her son a well supported recovery. This budget includes her rehab costs, rent, accessibility equipment, groceries, food preparation service, and extra child-care support. We are still waiting to hear how much money Amy will receive though government channels such as unemployment etc. but our new budget, and subsequent fundraising goal of $35,500, takes into consideration our best approximation.

Once again, we are so grateful for all of the support received and we will try our best to keep everyone updated. 


by Ayshia Ceelen
Amy's surgery today went really well!!  It sounds like her recovery will be as fast as we could hope for given the doctor's previous estimates. Yay!!

All of the love and support that has been flooding in, both financial and otherwise, is truly amazing. Though we are still swamped with work to do, everyone, including Amy, feels so much stress has been lifted by all of your generous offerings.

Thanks so much!
Aysha and the whole family 

by Ayshia Ceelen

a small fee is incurred in Amy’s paypal account every time money is sent through this website. SO If you have a paypal account or are willing to make one (it is very easy, quick and free) you can transfer the money from your paypal to the fundraising paypal, selecting the option “send to friends and family” NOT “for goods and services” which will allow you to send the money without a fee occurring. Sending money with paypal involves simply entering in the account email which is

f you are unable to do that, please dont worry about it, the fee is very small and donations directly through this site are still more than welcome! 

Thank you!!

by Ayshia Ceelen
Hello all you beautiful people! We are full of immense gratitude with all the support so far. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Amy has had one surgery that has mostly stabilized her pelvis. She will need another one, which should happen on Friday (Aug. 1st), to mend her shattered sacrum. Obviously, there are risks to this. I prefer not to think about them.
She has external stabilizing bars coming out of her hip bones which she will live with for the next 3 months.
We are looking at where she will live as she will need to have a totally accessible living space.

People are asking how they can help. Here are some thoughts:

1. Share this fundraising site. We need funds to care for her. It's going to take a lot.

2. Spread updates amongst yourselves. We are up to our ears managing caring for her and kids and it would be super helpful if you text us with love and well wishes and if we could stop answering texts about how she's doing

3. Love and care for each other! For those of you that aren't here in London and are in distress, connect with each other.  Get together for hugs. Amy gets overwhelmed with too many visitors and spending all of her energy managing pain. On top of the obvious, she is prone to migraines and getting migraines with accomanying nausea.

4. Ponder and research awesome prepared food things that you may be able to make and freeze over the next few months.

If I think of anything else, I will post more. Also will post if we hear more.

so much love,
kerry (and rest of boileau crew)

by Ayshia Ceelen
I thought of another way to help!

Drives to and from London. We may need to transfer stuff or selves. I am not really sure when from our end yet..... but hearing from people when they could take time out of their schedules would be great.



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