Akia and her 8 year old daughter fighting colon cancer

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Beneficiary: Akia Wilson Organizer: Samantha Freeman

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The Diagnosis

Akia was recently told she has Lynch's syndrome which is a hereditary illness that has caused her to have colon cancer and puts her at risk for other types of cancers.  Akia is the single mother of an 8 year old daughter and doesn't know how she will make ends meet as she battles the cancer.

The Financial Situation

Akia started a new job three months ago and does not qualify for paid leave. Currently she has no income since she is unable to work.  Her rent is due and the property management company has threatened to file eviction paperwork. The property management company has only offered to wait until the week of Christmas before filing eviction paperwork.  Akia needs money immediately.  She has applied for food stamp assistance, but has not been approved yet.  In addition to the rent being due, Akia has a car payment of approximately $200 a month and auto insurance expenses.  Her rent is $500 a month.  The modest goal of this campaign is to raise two months' rent for Akia, $1,000.

The Road Ahead

On November 20th after receiving the diagnosis of both the colon cancer and Lynch's syndrome Akia was admitted to the hospital where she had over two-thirds of her colon removed.   She is scheduled to start chemotherapy in the coming weeks.  There has been a bit of a delay as she deals with complications from the surgery.  Her employer has been supportive enough to hold her job for her.  Akia hopes to be able to return to work while doing chemotherapy.

The Family Situation

Akia has an 8 year old daughter.  Akia is worried about how she, with no assistance, is going to be able to provide for her daughter as she deals with the physical and financial hardships of being a single mother in this situation.

Her Church

Akia tried to reach out to the church she attends for help.  The church denied to offer any financial assistance because she did not meet their requirements outlined on the application for assistance.  The requirements include, in part:

  1. You must be a current regular attendee. This means a minimum of twice per month for the last several months.
  2. A tithing/giving attendee with giving records reflecting consistent giving
  3. Active volunteering

How You Can Help

We realize this is a busy time of year and people are financially strapped. However, if we can spread the word and share the burden, many small amounts added together can add up to enough to help see Akia through this difficult time. Don't let the fact that you can't give a lot stop you from giving a little. No amount that you give is too small and every donation is greatly appreciated. If you can only give a little, give a little and pass this along to someone else who might be able to give a little.
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