4 Year Old Asiya Sultanova Third Degree Burns - Please Donate For Surgery

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In October 2011, 4 year old Asiya from Karaganda, Kazakhstan, sustained severe burns by flame to 70% of her body. Her 5 year old brother, while playing outside, found a lighter, and when no one was around, for just a few minutes, the two curious children started playing with it... Asiya's clothes caught fire... Against all odds this brave little girl survived, she spent months in Intensive Care unit at a local hospital, undergone 32 surgeries and 72 blood transfusions. Then, after a while, she was sent home to be cared for by her mom and dad. She has contractures in the joints of her arms that severely limit the movement in her shoulders, elbows, hands and the right hip.The fingers of one hand do not work at all. To regain normal movement Asiya requires complicated and costly surgeries that can only be performed in specialized facilities by highly qualified doctors. So far, the parents have consulted The Turner Scientific and Research Institute in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, as well as specialists in Almaty, Kazakhstan and the U.S. The estimated cost of multi-stage surgical treatment is at least $60,000 for the most basic of procedures required. Asiya's parents try not to think about this astronomical, to them, figure. They have asked all their family members and friends to donate any sum of money to complete at least the first stage - one joint on one arm. Karaganda is also my home town. Asiya's mom and I went to school together. Now I live in Canada. And I want the whole world to know what happened to the little girl of a friend of mine. Because I believe that with all the compassion and generosity in the world, together we can help this little child have a much better life than what is facing her today. Please donate to this cause and spread the word. If many people give just a few dollars each, I believe, we can raise the money for the much needed surgeries and put a smile back on this child's face. The authenticity of the information presented here can be confirmed by directly contacting the Regional Children's Hospital of Karaganda, Kazakhstan. The phone numbers can be found on their website (see updates)
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